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  1. Hoofing

    Transferring Forces

    The training courses delivered are to a national standard so you should* be able to transfer force and remain in ticket. Your old force will just need to send proof of training to your new force. A few guys transferred to my team with exactly this. * I have heard stories of some forces’ DTU’s refusing to authorise transferees tickets without passing some of their tests first, but this was some time ago.
  2. Hoofing

    Call Handler Uniform

    I’m sure I’ve seen an abundance of smart shoes at stores! Unless... they’re the SLTs daily pair of shoes 😉. I agree with the fluffy slippers though. I’ve often toyed with wearing my ugg slippers to work. I’ve seen certain departments walking around in bare feet or colourful and strange socks in their offices before... I guess if you can persuade the FIM to do that in Comms you’ll be just fine 🙄
  3. Hoofing

    Driving, during initial training

    In my force it can take years to obtain your standard driving authority, whereas other forces offer it before officers leave training school. I think Essex is generally OK for courses.
  4. Hoofing

    Call Handler Uniform

    Your uniform stores doesn’t provide suitable footwear for you to wear? Shock. Just normal smart shoes, which aren’t excessively pointed and ones that can be easily polished out to look shiny!
  5. Hoofing

    1st day of training

    I’d personally buy a Blackstones manual.
  6. Just figured it out with a bit of help! Congrats on passing the assessment centre! I found it bloody hard.
  7. I didn't even finish the maths at my AC. As mentioned it's a very small percentage. What I would say is go for accuracy rather than just guessing. I never took a talking blues course but was a special in Wiltshire before so had a little bit of an idea as to how it would work. I've been a PC now since August so if you have any questions then I can try to answer them!
  8. Hoofing

    A&S Recruitment 2015

    Oh fantastic! What LPA have you been told you'll be going to? I doubt you'll know station for a while though. It is a long process, but the hard work is done now. Training school is easy, and unfortunately entirely different to reality which you'll see for yourself when you attest. My application was reasonably quick. I applied in February and attested January so 11 months total. Yes absolutely. I made it my mission to get indoor only jobs today which was successful and I managed to dodge the rain for 10 hours. Happy days, same again tomorrow!!
  9. Hoofing

    A&S Recruitment 2015

    That would make sense! Hopefully you make one of those courses! Going well mate. Extremely busy, and unfortunately not a lot of bobbies to deal with it! I'll be more thankful of the seaside when it's a bit warmer and sunnier and will spend most of my shift patrolling the beach
  10. Hoofing

    A&S Recruitment 2015

    From speaking to the training school Sgt back when I was doing my 19 weeks he said that it was planned to get the school running at full capacity, which is 4 intakes running simultaneously. There was one intake that started training just as I finished and another that has just started. So if I'm not mistaken there's 2 intakes to be filled up until the first one finishes. There's no shortage of spaces; on district we are incredibly short. I'm a response officer in Weston and I can say that a lot of the teams are struggling and are far below what is mandatory. Hopefully some of you guys will be able to join us and bolster numbers!! (And take over my tea making responsibilities!!!)
  11. Hoofing

    A&S Recruitment 2015

    Awesome man congrats! The fitness consists of a 15 metre shuttle run which you have to get to level 5.4. There would usually be a push/pull test but I believe the machines are broken at the moment. Medical wise they check your lung function, hearing, eye sight, BMI, blood pressure, drug testing and biometric printing! I think that's it!
  12. Hoofing

    A&S Recruitment 2015

    Oh nice one mate good luck! After my final interview they got back to me the next day!
  13. Hoofing

    A&S Recruitment 2015

    Thanks man! Awesome dude. Are you on the transferee course I take it?
  14. Hoofing

    A&S Recruitment 2015

    I have my PC start date on the 10th August. Not too long to go now...