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  1. Thank you. I am starting training school on 30th April. Handed my notice in today, so all becoming real.
  2. Passed vetting and received email today offering CKP place 7th May and training school date 25th June. Have already passed CKP external. Gave them a call just before closing. They are aware of CKP pass, just been missed on something. These things happen. They will come back to me on Monday and may be able to bring my training school dates forward. Thought I would update my post as timelines may help others. Good luck
  3. Any idea if Met has two PC training dates a month or one?
  4. Will have to see re dates. If mine takes as long as yours I won't have training dates for a long time. Looks like you have been given approx. 2 months notice to start your CKP. Which is a lot more than I was expecting. Will be worth the wait. Have applied for all the North East boroughs.
  5. Congratulations on getting your dates through. Is that for the Met? No news as yet. I have already completed my CKP externally. So once vetting complete just awaiting training school dates.
  6. I understand vetting currently has an approx 8 week delay. Think vetting can take between 2 and 6 months as a rough guide. Out of our control and will take as long as it takes I guess. Hopefully good news soon. Have not contacted them.
  7. Has anyone who passed Day 2 in Nov passed vetting/got training dates yet?
  8. H03570282

    Met Recruitment Process

    Thank you Mbrown. My brother applied about three years ago and I am waiting until I turn 18 over the summer to apply. I thought once finished a levels I could prep for my written application form if it did have competency section. Lots of things seemed to have changed and the website is not clear. Just trying to do some forward planning. Fingers crossed they are still recruiting. If I get a reply from recruitment I will post on here as might help others.
  9. H03570282

    Met Recruitment Process

    I think I will e-mail Recruitment at the Met to see if they can help with this.
  10. H03570282

    Met Recruitment Process

    Query One The Met website states the initial assessment includes #1 Registration and Online Eligibility Assesment - personal details #2 Behavioural Styles Questionnaire - agree or disagree statements on sliding scale #3 London Factor Assesment - which statements most like you After this stage it states you will receive the results of all your assessments in Stages 3-5. If you pass, you will be invited to a Day One assessment centre. My first question is - are stages #1to#3 the only assessments/activity you have to complete or does the Stages 3-5 refer to something else? Has the application with competences been removed? Query Two The Met website states the Day One Assesment Centre includes 20 min structured interview - 4 questions about how you dealt with specifuc situation in past 23 min numerical reasoning test - multiple choice maths test 30 min verbal logical reasoning test - multiple choice making sense of specific written info 10 min interactive role-play scenarios - five min prep and five min role-play My second question is - has the written statement test been removed? Thank you.
  11. H03570282

    CKP internal or external course

    Thank you. Is the internal course at Hendon or various CKP provider centres?
  12. H03570282

    CKP internal or external course

    Do you suggest doing external or internal Met Police CKP.
  13. This article prompts more questions than it answers. Depending which article you read from the papers, some state different dates this will start from, ranging from sometime next year to as far in the future as September 2019! i am interested as a family member is currently doing alevels and will be 18 in the summer. They had intended to do CKP once 18 and then apply for PC in Met if recruiting. If not recruiting then join as a Soecial and get part time job until PC recruitment opens. Not sure what advice to give! They do not want to go to Uni due to cost but would be interested in apprenticeship, but unclear what age and qualification criteria will be. has anyone seen more details. Could not find anything more mysekf
  14. H03570282

    Met Police PC 5th January 2015 Intake

    Thank you. I have sent my mobile number to you via DM, could you add me to WhatsApp please.
  15. H03570282

    Met Police PC 5th January 2015 Intake

    Has anyone who has been given Waltham Forest Borough posting been advised of the location of RLC. They said we would hear one week before, but thought this would be sooner re christmas.