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  1. muz165


    Soap, 9.2 sounds a bit more realistic. So you think 5.3 is the minimum requirement for the job? Have they done any research to support this? I'd think that was well below the requirement and much of those individuals wouldn't be able to catch a suspect. That's an interesting point about drawing the line. I don't think we should worry about who will/won't pass, the standard should be set at the point which you are fit enough for the job. Sadly I do realise that we NEED a certain number of police. Maybe the solution is, for example, you can gain entry at 9 but must continue remedial training until you can get to 10. Maybe there could be incentives like the first pay increment comes as soon as you get to level 10 and if you don't make it, it gets delayed. You'd have to have ongoing controls however but I think the police should be looking at increasing what I think is a very poor basic standard.
  2. muz165


    I agree that they should be looking for help but I'm not convinced this is the right place. Also to fail 5.2 on the bleep test you would have to do ZERO physical training and eat a lot of crap. Even following the governments basic minimum guidelines will see you pass 5.2 easily. I still stand by my comment that you should be embarrassed at failing 5.2 on a bleep test and it shows a lot lacking from your personality not just fitness. Although I do agree they should be looking for help. Personally I have a real issue with the police standards, a basic pass probably means you aren't strong or fast enough to deal with your average criminal and that's just unacceptable. I'd like to see the level raised to at least 10 and some strength testing introduced.
  3. muz165


    Interesting, I see the misunderstanding. By no means was I trying to motivate anyone. People that can't motivate themselves shouldn't be in such a position of responsibility and excuses like not having a car or living in a rural area are a joke. Do some press ups and go running. It's free, no gym required.
  4. muz165


    Toby88, I disagree wholeheartedly. I don't work in recruiting and don't care if people don't get in, in fact, people who are too lazy to stay fit are also probably too lazy to work hard on a case. If they want nutritional information then buy a book or surf the web and learn about it. Next you'll be asking me to feed them too!? Everyone has excuses and problems, some people whinge and fail and some people work round them. I worked 7 days a week, 15 hours+ a day straight for 6months, lots of people got fat who worked with me. I went to the gym every day. Yes the police recruit for other reasons but think about what not being fit might say about you... Lack Toby88, I disagree wholeheartedly. I don't work in recruiting and don't care if people don't get in, in fact, people who are too lazy to stay fit are also probably too lazy to work hard on a case. If they want nutritional information then buy a book or surf the web and learn about it. Next you'll be asking me to feed them too!? Everyone has excuses and problems, some people whinge and fail and some people work round them. I worked 7 days a week, 15 hours+ a day straight for 6months, lots of people got fat who worked with me. I went to the gym every day. Yes the police recruit for other reasons but think about what not being fit might say about you... Lack of drive/determination, lack of knowledge as you say, the lack of determination to gain that knowledge, poor time management skills, poor problem solving (unable to find time) and most importantly the inability to catch and restrain a suspect. The list is endless. There are NO valid excuses (bar the extremes like being seriously I'll). Work hard, eat well and you WILL be fit. Not that you need to be anywhere near fit to get 5.2 on a bleep test.
  5. muz165


    Note that the police didn't think 'how can we make it harder for people to get in the police' in fact, the reason the push/pull test was terminated was to make entry easier. 5.2 on the bleep test, really, is EXTREMELY poor and if you're just scraping through you should be VERY worried. IF you do get all the way through and make it to on the street policing what are you going to do when someone runs from you, i'd suggest most criminals will get over 5.2 on the bleep test. Realistically you should be looking at over 10 on the bleep test, any less and you can guarantee a great deal of criminals are going to get away from you on foot. You could be the reason that some rapist manages to run away and get free because you're too lazy to put the work in. Think about what the public are entrusting you with, i'd be entirely ashamed with anything less than a 10 on the bleep test, which doesn't really take much training. Take a long hard look of yourselves, if you can't get round a 5.2 bleep test i'd suggest you get to the doctors and have yourself examined because you are also probably incredible unhealthy. In fact, put aside the fitness aspect, where is the dedication that one should expect from someone who is paid, by the public, to uphold the law. If you can't pass, or are scraping a pass, you should be embarrassed, get out and put the work in, nobody else will do it for you!
  6. muz165


    Thank you again for all for your help. I've completed my FOI request for the Met and tomorrow i'll complete ones for a PCN check and for Portsmouth police which should cover any information they have on me. I'll also complete an example character reference to send to various people so they can amend and complete it a fast as possible and get it back to me and I can support my application. I' not one to roll over and die and i'll fight it to the end. Please chip in with any more advice if you're reading this and you can. Thank you all so far for your help!
  7. muz165


    Edmj81, Yes I did declare them in my application form however I put it down as "NFA - detained overnight" which is genuinely what I thought it was. I also caveated this later on by stating that I submitted a FOI in relation to this incident and this was declined so I cannot be sure that this information is 100% correct however I have answered the questions to the best of my knowledge. I think it's clear that i've not attempted to hide it, as i've disclosed it and knew full well they would check I just genuinely didn't recall the details. I have looked a little further to find that ACPO stated that a PND is NOT an admission of guilt. After a small amount of detail from the vetting office I also recall briefly now speaking with a solicitor in regards to the PND (over the phone) as I was worried about the implications on my future career. The solicitor advised me to pay the fine saying i'd lose either way but if I opted for it to be taken to court then the magistrates would see straight away that I was intoxicated and not trust anything I said so i'd definitely lose the case and in addition may receive a criminal record and an increased fine. I was told to just pay it and that would be the end of it. 8 bloody years ago! I've commissioned and led troops in Afghanistan since then, it would be an understatement to say i'm not the same person even IF the PND was an admission of guilt. I struggle to see how they can justify this. Basically what i'm looking for is a rough format for an appeal and a guide on what steps I should take, Jo1993, The advice is vetting takes roughly 4 weeks, which is 'roughly' accurate. You'll hear horror stories of it taking years and dream stories of it taking days but that is a good 'rough' guide. However you WILL NOT get a date and sadly it just takes as long as it takes. I do however have a number for a man in recruitment that gave me my answer, if you want it then just PM me, I don't want to put it on here. Thanks again for any help!
  8. muz165


    So i've put together a 'plan of attack' in terms of my appeal and would be grateful for any input: Plan of Attack: 1. Request written explanation of why I have failed. 2. FOI request to retrieve all details specifically about 2006 and 2008. 3. Quote ACPO guidance on varying judgement, situation dependent Mitigating circumstance? 2008 was NFA so this should not be considered 2006 is 8 year old - I have changed a great deal since then Conduct of officers. Current position of trust/integrity inc. DV vetting. 4. Enclose 3x character references. Submit appeal. What do you think? Is there anything you would add/change?
  9. muz165


    Was informed today that I failed my vetting. Gutted - yes. Suprised - no. The reason they gave was that in 2006 I paid a fine for Disorder. This was basically an argument with a friend and it got pretty heated. I personally believe the policeman that dealt with me was an arse (he'd probably say the same about me) and he even said if I apologised he'd let me go. I thought this was VERY demeaning and said if you're gonna arrest me then bloody do it, if not, let me go. In hindsight I may have just apologised. I'm not sure of the full details. I'm now looking at a Freedom of Information Request to find out the exact details so I can lodge a decent appeal. Has anyone done this and succeeded? Any advice? I'm also planning to enclose a few 'character references' from 'pillars of the community' to support my appeal. He also mentioned that I was detained in 2008 which makes it worse. I did point out, and he agreed, that it resulted in NFA. I genuinely believe I did NOTHING wrong, hence the NFA, innocent until proven guilty surely!? In 2006 when I was detained, I was advised by a solicitor to just pay the fine, he told me if I fought it that I would lose anyway as I was intoxicated at the time and the magistrates would not believe me. He did not mention any wider implication and I thought that it was comparable to a parking fine at the time, I had no idea how serious it would be. Since this time I genuinely have matured and changed as a person, in 2007 I commissioned in to the British Army and our standards of integrity are second to none, I'm almost insulted at the fact i've been refused vetting. Any assistance/advice anyone can offer up will be greatly received, i'm currently trawling the internet/these forums for some assistance. Thank you,
  10. Good afternoon all, I'm trying to find a list of future Met training intakes. I'm now waiting on my day 2 pass and assuming I pass I want an idea of when i'll be in training. I was told I was being fast-tracked for the May 14 intake however, as I am military it will be 8-12 months before I'm out and able to attend Met Police Training. So as I say, what I'm looking for is a list of future training intakes for the Met, looking at around May 2015 realistically. Thanks for the help!
  11. muz165


    As a comparison, the Army, including clerks and support trades have to run to 10.2 (which is also pretty easy) and females to 8.1. I'd suggest your average policeman is required to run 'operationally' far more than a clerk sat in a HQ somewhere. These are the minimum standards you should be aiming for. Honestly guys, if you just put a little work in you'll pass with flying colours. You get out what you put in to it!
  12. muz165


    Thanks very much for a great and detailed response. The question of blackmail etc. is debatable as the information I would have access to would make me quite a target for espionage and surprisingly the threat is probably bigger now than it ever has been (inc. cold war) with the budget cut. I do however see your point and the fact that you are probably exposed to it on a daily basis. You sound as though you're fairly well read-in on this sort of stuff so again I thank you for information. Finally, do you have any idea/feedback of timelines? Would the 'clock' start ticking from when I sent my vetting forms after my day 1 assessment? I'm hoping for completion of vetting roughly 6 weeks from then and with the additional parts, such as substance misuse, a final 100% offer in no longer than 4 weeks from now. Does that sound about right? Finally, I did just re-read my post, and the part about integrity expected of an officer and I'm aware it sounded a little derogatory, but as I say, it wasn't meant to be even slightly derogatory; clearly i'm trying to join the police myself. Thanks for the informative response!
  13. muz165


    The test is embarrassingly easy. Do 45mins training 3 times a week incorporating strength and cardio. That will get you to standard given enough time. If you're not good enough to pass then you're not good enough. Work harder! Do you really want the standards relaxed so that somebody with no physical presence ends up in a uniform having to tackle a physically able criminal!? Personal standards! Personal health! Personal pride! If you can't pass then work harder! It's EXTREMELY easy!
  14. muz165


    Right, i've had a look but can't see these questions anywhere else (forgive me if i've missed it, there are 18 pages). 1. How long does the Police RV (recruit vetting take)? 2. I emailed my vetting forms back (on request) after my day 1, would I be correct to assume the 'clock' started ticking from then? 3. I already hold DV (highest level of CT vetting - 2 above CTC) with the military so I assume the CTC will be mostly a formality? 4. How long do any other checks, like references take? 5. Basically what i'm trying to find out is how long is the longest check? (as a rough guide!?) - How long is a piece of string, blah blah blah, i know, rough guide!? I'm current serving military and I plan to sign off the day I get the big thumbs up (hopefully not down) from the Met and i'm getting itchy feet. I had my day 2 yesterday and was told the substance misuse test can take 2 weeks and background/vetting up to 5. There are plenty of reasons I MIGHT fail my vetting. 1. My uncle is about as bad as it gets, involvement with Ireland and multiple LONG sentences. I've met the guy once and have nothing to do with him. 2. I grew up in a crap area and know atleast 3 people that have spent a lot of time inside for various serious offences. 3. I spent a night in a cell 3 times. There are lots of reasons I should pass. 1. I hold a highly respectable job with arguably higher integrity standard and basic values and standards than the police, being that of a commissioned officer. (please don't take that negatively, I myself am obviously hoping to jump ship but that's certainly how myself and the public see it - ie. recent news about offering military officers direct transfers to the Police) 2. I hold developed vetting, 2 levels higher than the current police vetting. 3. despite growing up in this crap area I joined the military roughly 6 and a half years ago and have resided on military camps ever since and have little (pretty much zero) involvement with anyone from home. 4. Despite being taken to a cell I maintain that the policeman that dealt with me on the day was at fault and I had done nothing wrong (I am an opinionated individual) - he probably argues the same - nobody is perfect, me or him. 5. The last time I had any issue with the police was roughly 5 and a half years ago (arrested for refusing to give my details which I DID NOT refuse). 6. The last time I was placed in a cell overnight I was wrongfully arrested and released with NFA. I was only kept overnight to 'sober up' despite being less than half the drink drive limit on the test machine. I'm sure most people now think i'm a real rubbish after reading that but I maintain nobody is perfect, that includes me and that includes the police. I did however grow up in the real world (a crap part of the capital) and not a leafy suburb and have strong opinions of my own. Anyway, just a bit of background info on my worries and curious to see if anyone can help me with those questions. Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. muz165

    Becoming an SFO

    Thanks. it all sounds feasible but I understand it's a long way off, I just want to make sure that at this early stage i'm on the right path. I understand totally what you're saying about job specific skills so to give you the reasoning behind the questions I have roughly £2000 to spend this year from the military on resettlement and training, with £1000 next year and £1000 the following year so in terms of civilian courses I'm trying to decide where best to spend it. Also, if you wouldn't mind me prying a little deeper... How long have you been an SFO for and what did you do before other than and AFO? What's the enjoyment levels like on your job? I know that's very subjective but do you wake up daily and think 'wow, i've got an awesome job' and look forward to going in or is it much of the opposite? Do you have any military experience or prior firearms experience? If you'd rather reply by PM or just not at all I understand. I'm just the sort of person that like to have a 5-10 year goal to work towards. Thanks again for all the help so far, hopefully there are others reading this and also learning from it.