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  1. Stu1985

    Police Scotland Medical Question.

    I went through the medical 2 years ago and due to being more interested in lifting weights than losing weigh I was 31.5 BMI at the medical. This was after passing initial fitness test fine. The dr deferred my medical a month to lose the weight. I then lost over a stone and half (only needed to lose 10lbs) so that got me past the medical. Unfortunately I've fired it all back on and some with the shift work in the job. ? Good luck and if you don't succeed then if deferred, get motivated and get the pounds off.
  2. Stu1985

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You'll walk away with around £1420 after tax and deductions depending but depends on what you sign upto at the college. Could be more if you don't sign up. After the 6 months it goes upto £1490 then after the 2 year probation it's £1550. Hope this helps.
  3. Stu1985

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    For all you's waiting for confirmed formal offer of employment for the December intake- I have been in PS now for 2 1/2 years and it was exactly the same on my intake of 130 recruits in summer 2014. I was waiting a few weeks after passing all my hurdles and kept contacting Jackton to see if I'd be in the intake. It wasn't until the Friday 4 weeks before the intake date that they sent it out by email (Luckily I then handed in my 4 weeks notice). There's no point moaning about the waiting times as it doesn't change anything and it won't get quicker, recruitment will be extremely busy for the HUGE intake. I'm sure you that have pasted final fitness and SMT before this week will be in the Dec intake. ? Feels like yesterday when I started this topic on this forum. Been a quick 2 1/2 years so far. Well done to you all for passing everything, I know it's a stressful/tough process and good luck in your career.
  4. Stu1985

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Where is everyone going through, Command wise? what stage yous at? That way you'll all see who could be in around any October or November intake. Seems as though there's a lot getting their interviews n A/C so hopefully a floor of yous coming through. Could be tulliallan taking on quarterly intakes of high numbers. CCR15- contact recruiting as they may not know u have to do the papers. I passed pre 2005 and didn't need to do it. Unless there's a 10yr limit.
  5. Stu1985

    Btp/police Scotland Merge

    Ah, thanks Ason. Cleared up that bit about funding and I can now see why the SG want a merge for cost cutting.... Then again they thought they would save money merging the legacy forces and look how that's turned out. If they sort the VAT then that would generate money saved and also reinvest in the Police Scotland which in my opinion is well needed at the moment.
  6. Stu1985

    Btp/police Scotland Merge

    Same place as my income tax and National Insurance goes then. Lol. ?
  7. Stu1985

    Failed Vetting - Worth Appealing?

    Sorry to hear that aclark. I recently had a mate who failed vetting, appealed and got it overturned. Just make sure you put as much information into the appeal letter. I a good few years ago failed vetting, tried to appeal it but got declined. Re-applied few years later and I'm in so keep positive. Where abouts in the Middle East where you? Was it with work or travelling? As this could have bearings due to it being 2 years.
  8. Stu1985

    Btp/police Scotland Merge

    Bart, is Police Scotland not funded by the Scottish Government or is that what u mean.... as Home office is England and Wales police funding? Also if the BTP is funded by the train companies then I don't see why it should then become tax payers money through the government...... Unless you mean the train company is also a government entity. If it saves money then makes sense but I don't know if merging with PS will be an easy or successful task. You'll have cops in Glasgow central attending an ongoing shoplifting at a store on the street as they are closer, then resource away from the Railway station.
  9. Stu1985

    Btp/police Scotland Merge

    What's your thoughts on the current Scottish government's proposal to merge both the British Transport Police in Scotland with the national police in Scotland? I'm sure there are a lot of pro's and con's for the action of this.
  10. Stu1985

    Police Service Of Scotland - Split Topic

    Sub-seven you've got to admit your caught out on this one. Lol.
  11. Stu1985


    Has anyone appealed a failed vetting decision on a default payment before? Anyone who's went through the process would be great but it's police Scotland that it's happened in. Just looking for success stories on vetting appeals really.
  12. Stu1985

    Failed Vetting Appealing Success...?

    Has anyone appealed a failed vetting decision on a default payment before? Anyone who's went through the process would be great but it's police Scotland that it's happened in. Just looking for success stories on vetting appeals really.
  13. Stu1985

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Why are yous over in the east having to go to Jackton??
  14. Stu1985

    26th September Police Scotland Intake

    Suits are worn the first 2 days and they drill in about professional standards, conduct etc. On the Wednesday you are sworn in and recurve your warrant card by the chief or Deputy.... That's in uniform and then you wear your blacks at all times. It's been over 2 years and I still remember the fun and games that i had. Embrace it and enjoy it, most of all play the game up there. Good luck.
  15. Stu1985

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If your final fitness was more than 8 weeks to the intake then do you not have to redo your final fitness again? There was a slow down on the west command intake but I'm sure there will be a big surge in the next few months as I know a few cops retiring and leaving from just my Police office in the next few month, so their space will need filled. We need them. Also on for yous that have been awaiting since May/June.... Have you contacted Jackton recently to make enquiry into the hold?