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  1. Hello everyone. Is there anyone else currently going through the Gwent transferee process the moment? If so, what stage are you all at?
  2. So happy for you!!! Goood luck X
  3. 'This email is to inform you that we are currently reviewing your application against our criteria. This process can take some time so we thank you for your continued patience. If you are successful at the application stage you will be invited to attend an assessment day which will be held from June 2014. We will contact you within the coming weeks with a further update. ' I need a date now!! Have you heard anything?
  4. I was originally on the grad scheme and got the email.
  5. Monday is the start of a new week, I guess.. Positivity! Oh I didn't know that you were not on the grad scheme.. Seems like there's loads of people still waiting though, so don't panic. (Easier said than done!) Me too. :) Like I said.. Monday is the start of a new week. Fingers crossed.
  6. From the Monday just gone or the Monday coming? Thanks.
  7. So each candidate that didn't get through to the graduate scheme but were then passed over to police constable, will have their day one's in June?
  8. I didn't mention that I was apart of the initial grad scheme intake, silly me! However, I read on the studentroom forum yesterday that somebody in the same position as us has been given a day 1 date for June, so it must be true... BUT, where is our date then?!
  9. I just rang. My application is still under review by the Met and there's still a lot of people waiting. I'm always last!
  10. This is the 7th week of waiting. I rang HR on Friday and they said it can take up to 8 weeks. This week or next week buddy! (Hopefully)
  11. I'm still waiting for a day one date.