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  1. anthony

    Do the Met provide boots to new PC's?

    Spot on! Thanks
  2. anthony

    New PC's borough/area preferences

    Hey, I start in February and got my first choice! Ant
  3. anthony

    Do the Met provide boots to new PC's?

    I am not quite sure how I am going to make certain that the boots I order will be the right fit? Are there any shops that you know of where you can physically see all the boots? Ant
  4. I am not able to private message yet as I have not yet made 10 posts! I will once I can :)
  5. Hi Guys, I am joining the Met this month and have an existing pension with a former company which I have converted into a private pension. Is it possible to transfer the pension into the Police Pension Scheme 2006? Thanks, Ant
  6. Hi Guys, Does anyone know if the Met provide boots in the uniform or if there is an allowance, etc? Thanks, Ant
  7. That sounds good! I have a buddy that was on my CKP course that is also on the February 24th Course so I will invite him as well! I am only in Hertfordshire so not too far away to come for a cheeky pint :) Look forward to meeting you and everyone else! Ant
  8. Hi Guys, I will be starting on February 24th at Hendon and will be posted to Harrow. Is anyone on the same course and will be posted to Harrow? Speak up! Ant
  9. Hi Everyone, Thought that this was quite interesting to share! A mission impossible style car theft in the US from a 16 year old kid! (The video makes great viewing) http://www.epicinter.net/16-year-old-steals-celebrity-chef-guy-fieris-lamborghini-goes-on-grand-theft-auto-gta-shoot-out-spree/ Enjoy! Ant
  10. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone, I start on the Feb 2014 course at Hendon and will be posted to Harrow. Look forward to speaking to anyone that is on my course and will be posted to Harrow! Thanks, Ant