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  1. HandyAndy

    Tulliallan 12th May intake

    Got the letter today. Q division. See you guys on 12th. (Keep running!)
  2. HandyAndy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have my final fitness next week. I would prefer to do the 1.5 mile run, rather then the bleep test. I hope that the 1.5 mile will be the default choice depending on the weather. So my question is, has anyone done the 1.5 mile run at Jackton in bad weather, particularly rain?
  3. HandyAndy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi all, There is a couple of things to keep in mind when asking your GP to ceomplete your medical form. 1. You may have to make an appointment with the GP just to hand it over. I was not permitted to leave it at the practice reception. 2. It can take up to 2 weeks for the GP to get round to completing their section of the form. Factor this in when planning to attend the medical. I don't believe they like you showing up without the completed documents.
  4. HandyAndy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good advice itsmoran.
  5. HandyAndy

    Shift App for the iPhone

    "Get at diary". Ha, actually you're probably right. The old ways are usually the best!
  6. HandyAndy

    Initial Interview Police Scotland

    Nathan92's response above is just about spot on. There are some good YouTube police interview tutorials that cover appearance and posture during these types of interviews. Worth watching.
  7. HandyAndy

    Police Scotland Final Interview

    My advise for the final interview would be to carefully consider each of the competencies they indicated they may look at in the interview and have at least one of your real life scenarios fully thought. One for each one. Better still have two examples. That way you will not have to think on your feet so much. You will simply be recounting a familiar scenario.
  8. HandyAndy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Be aware that the Jackton running route around the training centre is not completely flat. Infact, it's slightly "Pringle" shaped. There are gradients. Also, be clear on where the finishing line is. I misunderstood and was surprised when I turned the last corner and saw it ahead of me, when I was expecting another half lap!
  9. HandyAndy

    Shift App for the iPhone

    I have tried an iPhone app called workdays. It's quite good, if a little slow to navigate between dates.
  10. HandyAndy


    This is an excellent resource, but I would like the option to change some of my setting soon after joining, rather than having to reach a certain post count.
  11. HandyAndy

    Unsociable Hours Calculator

    Excellent, thank you.
  12. HandyAndy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    While at the a/c I was encouraged to "keep my fitness up". I am interested in what others are doing for their fitness regime. I usually run 3 time a week for 4-6 miles.
  13. HandyAndy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done Stu. I also got the call today. I was surprised at the speed of the response. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk