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  1. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Joner Thanks for the reply and information. Hopefully i will hear something soon, best of luck mate, hope you love it!
  2. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey everyone, Those who have received there final fitness emails for the December intake, has anyone received it from Fettis? I was hoping that I'd get December intake but from reading online just now it's looking like the wait continues.
  3. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    When do you start mate? Thanks for getting back to me :) A/C was beginning of February. When was yours? Thanks for getting back to me also! :)
  4. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    October. Was initially Tayside/Fife/Glasgow, however due to moving to Glasgow changed my preferences midway through the process. Spoke to recruitment (East) last week who said that the west is in such high demand it might take a couple of intakes to go myself. Cheers for getting back to me.
  5. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey guys, does anyone know if forth valley are desperate for people? Ive been told I could go in december for either Glasgow/Lanarkshire/Inverclyde or I could be waiting until next June. (Just FF left and drugs misuse). I live with my gf in west side of glasgow and she has a wee one who she cant move far away with. (Long story) So cant jump up to Aberdeen or anything (Not at the loss of my relationship potentially). Anyone know any near by divisions that have less waiting times? As really want to get in and join. Really appreciate any help. Thanks :)
  6. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks bud! The best advice I can give may seem pointless or unhelpful but is genuinely the best. Its what made the difference between the time I failed it and passed it. Be prepared and be yourself. Know your examples and STAR them. Have a good understanding of the competencies which are getting tested helps with your examples and clues you to as what kind of questions you will get. Being yourself may seem like rubbish advice but seriously it's the best advice. They want to see you at the assessment centre and not what you think they want to see. Being yourself will also make you feel more relaxed. Trust yourself, focus on the task/question and you'll be golden! (I hope that helps) Good luck :)
  7. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey guys, I passed the assessment centre yesterday. Still got a long way to go before I end up at Tulliallan but nearly there. My advice for those who are doing the assessment centre is the same as many folk have said earlier on. Be yourself and be prepared. Enjoy the day as well. Good luck everyone :)
  8. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Grotbags.The best advice I can give you for the initial is just study up and and prepare. Aim to have two examples for each competency (maybe 3 if you can think of that many). They dont try to trip you up or throw you off. They actual prompt you if sometimes to help you if your not quiet answering it. As said above STAR method is the best and is what they want. Check your scenarios against the competency descriptors and make sure they fit most of what it asked and you will fly through it! Trust me you'll be fine. Nerves are understandable but it's not near as scary as you may think. A tip I received not long ago is before an interview have a couple of starbursts as they hydrate your mouth and stop it going dry when you get nervous. Good luck, you'll ace it! :)
  9. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey bud, cheers for the advice its very much appreciated! Will try and make sure I contribute. All the best for the future!
  10. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Has anyone got their assessment day in Jackton on the 27th? Also could anyone give me any handy tips for passing the Assessment centre? I would greatly appreciate any advice! Thanks :)
  11. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Cheers mate, A couple of my examples just weren't enough. I will look into the specials to gain more experience and will come back a year from now with bigger and better examples. I wish everyone the best of luck in the process. To those starting Tulliallan soon, good luck and stay safe out there. I will hopefully be joining you guys in the force just a year later! Muzz
  12. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey dude, unfortunately it wasn't to be for me, I need to apply next year, so close yet so far! They are still taking people in for June so if all goes well for you hopefully you will get taken in for June 16th. I'll send you a PM with advice for the day. You might get this evening though as I am just away to start work!
  13. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just done my assessment day at fettes, group work went well but I think on one of my competences in the interview I never have a good answer and think may have failed because of that. Guess I will find out tomorrow!
  14. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It told me on the email, next to what time to arrive in the morning. Not as nervous as i was with the initial, however still a wee bit anxious. Just trying to know my job knowledge and remember my examples inside out. You feeling prepared? That's awesome news! Good luck with the fitness, sure you will ace it!
  15. Muzziedee

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah bud! Got my interview at 1515, which is a bit of a wait. How you feeling about the day?