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  1. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Very true. But the Chief is also a Met transferee so meh haha.
  2. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    I was half hoping for a newbie number so I didn't look incompetent...that didn't work out haha. Get used to being asked where you came from everytime you meet someone new...its the first question I always get asked even now...particularly in custody haha. My knowledge of Staines is zilch I'm afraid. I've only been there 2 or 3 times to deal with prisoners so I'm not the best person to ask!
  3. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Well transferrees have 4 digits beginning with a 4....that way you know they aren't newbies. 'Old sweats' tend to have 4 digits (or less)....some 1 and 2 digits are still serving. 3999 would have been the last of th3 4 digits before 5 digit collar numbers came in. They just go up by 1 with each officer. Similar to the warrant numbers we had in the MPS. In Surrey...the lower the number or less digita..the more service they have. The high 2000's have about 15 years in roughly.
  4. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    No worries at all! I'm sure you'll enjoy it and feel you've made a good decision! Might see you about in the future!
  5. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Naturally it depends but I have never not had assistance when needed.
  6. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Possibly. Personallu, I like the way we do things now. My Met colleagues when I told them I was going to Surrey used to lay it on thick that i wouldn't get any backup for ages whereas in the Met they would be there in minutes. Whenever I've requested extra units...ive always had them there just as quickly.
  7. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Haha. I enjoy being single crewed. Can do my own thing. Although they are trialling double crewing as standard on another division which seems to ve working.....having said that, if it gets brought in...if all my team are in it would mean only 4 units out haha
  8. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Only 5 months. Although to be honest it was good so I was able to take the slower time jobs generally so I could learn pure Surrey basics.
  9. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Yea. I'm 9 months in now and I still keep doing things wrong or forgetting things on Niche. Slowly but surely haha. There is a back log with driving courses at the moment due to the sheer amount of probationers and transferees coming in. I think transferees tend to get in quicker but not 100% on that. When I did my course in September...there were still around 250 people left to train. We only had 6 on my course!
  10. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Yea. As I said, they are working on changing the transferee course based on previous intakes feedback. Things are done differently in Surrey to the Met to the point that it's almost like relearning the job again haha. Better start looking up how to do DVPNs and other gubbins like that because we are expected to do those ourselves haha
  11. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Haha no worries. You do 5 days at HQ before going out on APT. Its going to be different than when I did it as we didn't do much really so they took alot of feedback into consideration for future transferee intakes. You will get 'trained' on using NICHE which is the equivalent of CRIS, NSPIS, CRIMINT AND MERLIN all rolled into one. It's brilliant but very confusing at first, shown around HQ, maybe attachment to FCR (Force control room) or the contact handling centre and get given your kit and fuel card, set up at payroll and admin stuff like that. You will get a uniform fitting prior to start date and it will all get sent to HQ ready for day 2 or 3 at HQ.
  12. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Generally yea. They will tell you it it got snapped up by someone before you but you usually will. I believe level 2 does transfer over but having never been level 2 trained, I have no idea. Something to speak to recruitment about.
  13. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    They send out a list of overtime available for APT shifts (response team) fairly regularly. You can do these across the whole force.....except Eastern division (Reigate and Banstead, Tandridge etc) who tend to keep OT for Eastern officers only. Bonus is that 99% of the time, you don't keep any of the work you generate on OT as those skippers normally reallocate them to their team. Northern and Western always have OT shifts available. Depending on area, you can usually do some here and there. I can occasionally come in on a rest day or stay after shifts to do paperwork or case files etc and put it through. Our borough Inspector is pretty good like that as long as you can show something for the OT you're putting through. I can't speak for all areas though but I'm sure it's more or less the same. There are also a few texts and emails that go out requesting officers for PSU (level 2) or Search (if youre a search officer) for overtime...or just for general things like constant obs. In custody or Large scale house to house enquiries for high harm jobs. For lack of a better term, you can more or less write your own cheque....as long as you aren't taking the mick with it and being productive. It is something that PSD do look at and don't take too kindly to and with good reason.
  14. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    No worries. I think it's always no1 e to have someone answer questions who has done it before! Not sure if Surrey are the only one but I know TVP, Hampshire and the MPS dont. Surrey brought it in as part of a retention of officers campaign as people kept wanting to transfer to the Met for the London Weighting. Surrey have also recently increased the extra weighting allowance from £2000-£2500 for all officers whereas TVP said no.
  15. Pegasus0

    Transferring To Surrey

    Depends. I sent my application off in July 2016, Interview in October and then it was just vetting. I missed the January intake due to vetting but was on the April Intake. They are really good at replying and answering any questions too.