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  1. Sobold

    Cleveland Apr intake

    Hi Ozz, I've PM'd you
  2. Hi all, just to let you know your references are requested before all your vetting is complete. If you don't hear anything then it's usually all okay. They will be in touch and know that most people have to give 4 weeks notice so they will allow for this. The final confirmation came via email for me and had all salary details, payment info and tax details on it. They then invite you to a briefing evening at Ladgate to give you final joining instructions and you get given your uniform. PM me if you want to know anything else. Fingers crossed you hear soon.
  3. Sobold

    Cleveland Apr intake

    Hi MrG, panic over I bought some today! Will you be there Monday?
  4. Sobold

    Cleveland Apr intake

    Hi, Anyone on the April intake for Cleveland? Just wondering about boots and time frame in which we will have to buy them, if we are expected to wear them on the first day. Anyone?
  5. Anyone attending the final interview? Can anyone tell me if we will receive any information about what to expect?
  6. Sobold

    A test for the Police Family

    Done, fingers crossed for you. x
  7. I passed! Woooohooo!!! Fingers crossed for all those waiting for their results.
  8. Congrats. I have a date for the A/C (12th-13th July), they have told me documents/paperwork will be sent in the post. I am expecting them any day now as the email stated docs would be sent two weeks prior to taking the A/C.
  9. Well done. I received an email giving me the date for the assessment centre today, it said further docs will follow in the post. Another hoop jumped through!
  10. Anyone else heard anything?
  11. I received notification today that I had been shortlisted for the assessment center, anyone else heard anything?