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  1. neuroz

    1st day of training

    I have Blackstone's 2016 if anyone wants it. I'm in Harrow, PM me for collection or arrange postage. 1.6kg
  2. neuroz

    1st day of training

    Make your own notes in class, and after convert these into small flash cards. You'll soon have dozens. Reorder them into RTA, Common Law etc etc and use at home for speedy study for exams. I put certain things up on my walls and doors and would force myself to read them whenever I got up. The caution, idcopplan for example Blackstone is ok but too big and full of junk. Get the small one for after school
  3. neuroz

    Any Tips?

    IIRC we're not allowed to talk about the big day's secrets... but he's a tip, go into the entire day imagining you are in uniform.
  4. neuroz

    Basic Driving SOPs, need help

    Good grief.. One can get bite sized educational suppliments for many topics, even at university degree level; I created flash cards for my police exams, for example. Yes the driver SOPs aren't large, I get it. I was asking if anyone may have something quick and easy, like a flash card style thing. Something I could look at before I walked into the test. But I can clearly see no one has done this, or has a link to previous work, so I'll leave this very tedious thread here. Mods, please lock this [ insert naughty word here ] thread, I'm done. *yawn*
  5. neuroz

    Basic Driving SOPs, need help

    I see. :)
  6. This. Write in. Also, there is no signal of dishonesty in using legal aid and it won't be seen this way. Protect yourself, even if guilty
  7. neuroz

    Basic Driving SOPs, need help

    LOL really, mods?! You had to edit that, how dull. It wasn't a personal attack so what rule did it break exactly, the 'naughty word' rule? If anyone complained about my reply.. you really need to grow a pair, don't bother replying, or be helpful.
  8. neuroz

    Basic Driving SOPs, need help

    Yeah well thanks for all, pal.
  9. neuroz

    Is it worth it??

    Just try it. The job is changing even now, because of loss of officers. Don't listen to the old guard, just make your own mind up. My probation ends in April, it's been great and bad and frustrating in equal measure. But now I have opportunities opening up so I'm excited again, just like in day 1. Good luck
  10. neuroz

    Basic Driving SOPs, need help

    I've downloaded the SOPs and there's so much to read and remember. I've got my test/exam real soon. Does anyone have something like bitesized SOPs I can read, or an easy to read list of barebones basics, something to help he get ahead fast? Would really appreciate your help, cheers
  11. neuroz

    Failed assessment centre

    Hmm.. well I was pretty sure there was a third option. Maybe it wasn't mod plod then. *scratches head* Perhaps CNC...? Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  12. Public Order offence section 4a Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  13. neuroz

    Failed assessment at 54%

    The Met Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  14. neuroz

    Failed assessment centre

    Apply to BTP, they are not under Home Office umbrella so SEARCH doesn't apply here. Pension is better, I hear. MOD police also worth a go, again not under Home Office. You can apply to all three at the same time *don't tell everyone * But if you're really desperate for UK county policing then apply as a Special, you could wait a very long time for a full-time opening. I did... Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  15. Empty your inbox, I can't send you anything Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk