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  1. KyleAW

    Living and Commute

    Flight down Sunday night.
  2. KyleAW

    Positivity ?

    Where are you based?
  3. KyleAW

    Assessment centre - February 2017

    From memory the maths and English tests aren't worth much marks. The main are in the reports and role plays. Of course, the interview is always important too.
  4. Has anyone on here been confirmed as being on the January intake?
  5. KyleAW

    Assessment centre - February 2017

    As far as I'm aware the MDP will cover the cost of travel - receipts provided. I travelled from a similar area and took the car though, you may find that more convenient as you could be home quicker due to waiting flights.
  6. KyleAW

    Based At Easington

    Hopefully see you on January. Any folk here got RNAD Coulport for January should it get the green light?
  7. Any folk on here aware if they are going to be starting on the January intake?
  8. KyleAW

    Assessment Centre Nov 9/10 2016

    I bought a book on it from amazon which helped me greatly.
  9. KyleAW

    Alpha pension scheme

    My thoughts entirely.
  10. KyleAW

    Final Interview

    Gladly I have received the same news too. The next course is due to be March.
  11. KyleAW

    Alpha pension scheme

    Thanks for the replies. So no lump sum is paid on retirement. I.e. 2x salary upon retirement?
  12. Hi, I'm looking for some info regarding the Alpha pension scheme. Can any serving officers enlighten me as to what you can expect as a retirement lump sum and yearly pension? Ta.
  13. KyleAW

    Assessment Centre Nov 9/10 2016

    Brush up on report writing as that is an important element. Maths doesn't play a large part so don't worry there. Role plays and interview should take care of itself provided you've done the necessary and followed the welcome pack you've been sent by recruitment. Be smart, be confident and failure to prepare and you prepare to fail.
  14. KyleAW

    Base Accommodation Advice

    Could be anyone. Your best bet is to buddy up and house share wherever you go to bring down house costs and ajdi travelling costs. I'd imagine in and about Reading vs in and about Aberdeen will be similar. Coincidentally sites there are desperate for folk.