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  1. Robocop2000

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Thanks for clarifying this. Now that it's in the manifesto for the Conservatives, I wonder if it will also be picked up by the other parties and included in their policies in due course (because it's not a right, centre or left wing political issue -just a common sense and efficiency/cost-saving issue)
  2. Robocop2000

    Diploma in Ministry of Defence Policing

    Has the College of Policing/Skills for Justice Diploma been dropped now? It was great to have that as part of the package, but the fact that you get hardly any actual policing experience in the job made it a nonsense, it subsequently turned out.
  3. Robocop2000

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Crying shame. It would have opened up so many new opportunities & locations to serve at. I can't believe it's come to nothing AGAIN after all that. Everyone knows its a logical step and a good idea
  4. Robocop2000

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Where did you hear this?
  5. Robocop2000

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Just wanted to say thanks to MDPREC for the updates on this forum. Info flow isn't easy in a big organisation and the force is often full of rumours as we all know. The gen that MDPREC passes on is direct from the horses mouth/top so is highly worth giving priority/careful listening to!
  6. Robocop2000

    MOD Police: what's trng course & AWE like?

    Propidol, your views on Aldermaston and MDP are actually fair comment, in my experience! Which force did you move to?
  7. Robocop2000

    Mdp Negativity

    Normal MDP roles at Aldermaston are up there with the world's most boring jobs. You're just standing on your own near a gate watching traffic drive past all day. If you can handle this for years on end then great; if not then look elsewhere.
  8. Robocop2000

    MOD Police: what's trng course & AWE like?

    Are the people leaving going to other Police Forces?
  9. Robocop2000

    Mdp Negativity

    Now that's where we disagree. When I attended Wethersfield for SEARCH we had a briefing on TSG (Tactical Support Group i.e. not normal duties) and the only other info was a brief mention (in a briefing) that the duties were 'routine' and not as exciting as Home Office work. We were not offered a visit to AWE to show us what the job entailed (which is basic stuff for an employer), and were not permitted to organise our own visit (even while in basic training). The reality (when we arrived) was an unpleasant surprise -a whole day stood on your own watching traffic driving through a gate. This is well off what is represented on the MDP website about the job. If the force was more honest about what the job entails then maybe the retention of new recruits wouldn't be so awful (around 50% leave within a year or 2, apparently). The force has only itself to blame for this expensive waste of taxpayers money (training people but then not retaining them).
  10. Robocop2000

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    I agree about MDP & CNC merging. However, guarding airports and rail stations (especially armed guarding) is also the same so could and should be covered by the new merged force
  11. Robocop2000

    MOD Police: what's trng course & AWE like?

    The MDP role at AWE can beat pretty much any jobs listed here!: Some of the world's most boring jobs http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-36902572
  12. Robocop2000

    Mod Police Tsg (tactical Support Group)

    The pass rate of the course is v low You dont have to be based at AWE to apply Their day to day duties are only slightly less dull than normal AWE duties. TSG do vehicle patrols, go to the gym etc.
  13. Robocop2000

    Forces and military discussion topic

    Reminiscing about the old days is great but it's nothing to do with the topic in this thread -do it on another thread please
  14. Exactly. My point is that if this was definitely happening, surely the DPF (if not other institutions) would have made some form of announcement?
  15. Here's the link again: http://www.dpf.org.uk/ [click on NEWS]