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  1. 451nuke

    Resign/Early Retirement

    A long wait then !! Thanks for the info.
  2. 451nuke

    Resign/Early Retirement

    I joined in Sept 1998 and have been working part time since 2004. I'm hoping to leave in the next few years after completing about 16 years. If I do when would I be able to start claiming my pension? Thanks.
  3. 451nuke

    Resign/Early Retirement

    Hi. I've been a Response Officer since 1998 and have been part - time since 2004. I understand if I wanted to retire with a full pension I'd have to make up the shortfall of my part time hours which would be additional 3 years after 2028. I'm actually hoping to finish in the next 2-3 years. I would only have completed 18 years (not pro rata) If I do finish this early when could I start claiming my Police pension ? Thanks.