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  1. Tomathon01


    4 weeks
  2. Tomathon01

    Joining the civil and nuclear constabulary

    Yes, the CNC also used the generic police SEARCH assessment
  3. Tomathon01

    South East Allowance

    Thanks guys. I might try the sister forum.
  4. Tomathon01

    South East Allowance

  5. Tomathon01

    South East Allowance

    Hi guys, I've just been looking at some of the recommendations regarding the Police Remuneration Review Body's second report, which state that the south east living allowance for the following forces should be increased up to £3000 per year: Hertfordshire TVP Essex Kent and Surrey. Apparently this should have been done by the 1st September, so I just wanted to know if anyone from these forces have had the increase. Here is the link for reference: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/534653/55909_Police_PRB_Report_Accessible.pdf
  6. Tomathon01

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Haven't heard anything new.
  7. Ahhh ok, it does make sense to be honest. I wasn't all that sure why HE was mentioned when they were taking about a merger considering you're not attested.
  8. Have you been told anymore about the wider merger, as in MDP,CNC,BTP ect? Or just that HE won't be part of it? We're all still waiting in our force!
  9. Tomathon01

    What Is Your Dream Car?

    Probably a Tesla Model S (P100D of course)
  10. Tomathon01

    Application timescale

    He works in recruitment. I'm currently an MDP officer. Yes we get bits here and there but you tend to "stumble" across these type of incidents. If you want blue light runs etc I would suggest the MDP is a waste of time for you. I don't particularly 'want' it, but would be nice to experience it now and then to keep a bit more variety. I know what the MDP is all about and it has never thrown me off the force. I have always recognised it as a unique police force. To be honest Dark Island it depends on where you get stationed. Some MDP sites have officers that work quite closely with their respective home force counterparts due to mutual aid or because of their location. A good example of this is Whitehall. However you will find only limited exposure of police work in the nuclear division. This is purely because our role within the nuclear div is somewhat different from the territorial div.
  11. Tomathon01

    Failed assessment centre

    I'm afraid you're wrong. Whilst the MDP is indeed non home office it uses search, and as a result you cannot apply until 6 months have passed. I just got this from their website as I know a couple of people have now said the same thing as you, that people can apply as its non HDPF
  12. Tomathon01

    Getting Out Of Awe?

    I would just like to echo MDPREC's concerns about certain things such as discussing staffing levels and proposed changes to the MDP (particularly AWE) being put on a public form. Remember a lot of us at AWE are DV cleared and so may get told things about these kinds of processes by higher management that we wouldn't otherwise be told if we only had SC.
  13. Tomathon01

    Information About Firearms?

    You don't have to carry a firearm to be a police officer.
  14. Tomathon01

    Good Luck

    Good luck everyone! Enjoy it!
  15. Tomathon01

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    I don't think we'll really know what opportunities there will be until we know what which option ministers will pick. I'm just going to stay positive and hope for the full merger between the various forces , and if worst comes to worst and we only merge with the CNC then hey, we haven't really lost anything.