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  1. Sbw92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    The sets and fitness are generally on the same day and interview at a later date so you would normally just need to wear your gym kit to the sets. Shouldn't be a problem I wouldn't have thought. I'd imagine it would only be an issue of you had a bad rating. In terms of notice this varies for everyone but you should have a decent amount of notice.
  2. Sbw92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Got the assessment centre next week, anyone got any advice for it? Cheers
  3. Sbw92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, I had my fitness 6 weeks after putting in application form not that long ago
  4. Sbw92

    Police Scotland Intake March 28th (Vetting)

    Spoke with recruitment officers today as I was passing in Glasgow, they said the drill is not being dropped, they are going to encourage you to do it in your free time
  5. Sbw92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    The 1.5 mile run has been taken off of the website and I'm sure I read that it would only be bleep tests from the star of January.
  6. Sbw92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi guys, Was wondering if people have been getting posted in the divisions that they put on their preference form or if they have been ignoring your preferences and just putting you where they need you?
  7. Sbw92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I passed my sets on Saturday at jackton and have interview this Sunday and was told that if I pass everything we will be looking at January start. It's moving very fast
  8. Sbw92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just got an email inviting me to initial fitness on Monday 17th November and if I pass then sets on Saturday 22nd. Excited and nervous at the moment!
  9. Sbw92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just submitted my application today, I've read that it's moving fast. How long are people waiting before they hear back at the moment?