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  1. Armed Response

    Giving Details (Scotland)

    Brilliant! I think this is all cleared up now.
  2. If someone has been physically restrained and/or hand-cuffed by the police then it's safe to assume they aren't going to be walking away, right? So during the process of taking that person into custody would this information not have been recorded anyway? (I don't really know how it works with regards to what happens after making an arrest.) If not, I'm surprised because would there not be a record of the person being brought into custody which would include all the information about them? However, I think I may have the wrong end of the stick with regards to what this thread is actually about. Haha!
  3. Armed Response

    Giving Details (Scotland)

    Well I'm glad you agree that it's an important matter! And yes I forgot to write that - I believe it's section 165 of the Road Traffic Act that allows officers to take details from a person driving a vehicle. Also, thank you to everyone for your input.
  4. Armed Response

    Giving Details (Scotland)

    I understand what you mean. I am someone that believes policing should be done by the book and I also believe that people shouldn't feel forced into giving out their details because the officer they're dealing with thinks he's correct when he isn't. So basically, it looks like it's just the points I've mentioned and seems that you aren't obliged to give out your details unless you're connected with a crime in some way (the same way as the rest of the UK I guess).
  5. Armed Response

    Giving Details (Scotland)

    I'd rather not run that risk but I guess it's not a terrible idea.
  6. Armed Response

    Giving Details (Scotland)

    And I guess, if an officer wants your details even though you haven't committed a crime they aren't doing their job right? Again, depending on what the law is in Scotland.
  7. I can't remember where I seen this but it is true that, in Scotland, it's an offence if you refuse to give details to the police? If an officer has reasonable suspicion to suspect you of committing a crime or if you are being questioned as a witness then you are required to give your details. That's fine. Scenario: If I have committed no crime and the officers, for some reason, want my details am I entitled to deny them? Could someone clarify when you are obliged to give your details? I'm not someone that is trying to make the job of a police officer harder, I just want to know when I'm entitled to withhold my details from them. Thanks.
  8. Armed Response

    Starting a Career

    Thanks for the information everyone.
  9. Armed Response

    Starting a Career

    So, just to come out with it. I've never had a job before and the closest thing I've had to a job was working at the Commonwealth Games this year. It's been within the last couple of years now that I've been wanting to join the police but I feel as if my lack of working in Lidl may have a negative affect on my application. The real prospect of leaving university next year is starting to, somewhat, worry me. If I leave and can't find a job... then what? Would you say that it is important to have previous experience in other jobs before joining the police or are there many people that join the police as their first job? Seeing that you can join the police at the age of 18 what kind of age, roughly, are the majority of probationary officers? Thanks.
  10. Armed Response

    'The Job'

    I seen this video during the summer. Really powerful.
  11. Armed Response

    Introducing Myself

    Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to my time here!
  12. Armed Response

    Policing and The Queen

    This is the answer I was hoping for. Thanks!
  13. Armed Response

    Introducing Myself

    Hello. I'm currently in my fourth year at university and within the next few years would like to join the police. That's really it. Out of curiosity, are there many active users on this forum who aren't associated with the police?
  14. Armed Response

    Policing and The Queen

    Thanks for the replies all.
  15. Armed Response

    Policing and The Queen

    Okay, so this is something that I've been thinking about for a while and I thought that this would be the best place to get an answer. Police Oath (England): "I, ... of ... do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law". Question: If you openly admit that you dislike the Queen and the Monarchy. What would happen? Points: Does it really matter if you lie about it? Is it basically the same as having a boss that you dislike in any other job?