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  1. Hi Warren

    Hope you don't mind me contacting you out the blue. I've read a thread regarding hearing aids. I've just found out I drop at the 4khz range so high frequency loss in both ears. I'm trying to make a case to OH not to bin me. One thing I am keen to find out is whether there is a negative impact on ability to use the radio. My understanding is that the audio output of a mobile is approx 3.4khz which if the same for police radio, means I'd hear exactly the same as anyone else as my hearing is fine at that range. If in a loud environment, I'd simply increase the volume the same as anyone else would have to do. 

    Also concerned that there seems to be a perception around inability to hear high pitch voices in a loud environment as I am yet to come across someone screaming for help who doesn't do so loudly.

    I'm happy to take any  job restrictions in terms of firearms, dog handling etc. I just don't want to be in the scrap heap as seems a bit harsh. Also happy to do any functional tests.

    Appreciate any advice you may be able to offer.


  2. ElmerFud

    Police Officers with hearing aids

    HI, My right ear failed the medical. At 8kzh I scored 85decibels (8khz is a screeching tone but apparently T's and P's fall into that frequency). I knew there was a slight problem with my right ear after being in an explosion on that side so it came as a big surprise when I failed. I'm heading to the Ryton-on-Dunsmore Police College HQ soon to do a practical hearing test. I think it takes place in a studio. I'm to receive 2 practical tests using an ear piece in left and right ears alternately. I'm then asked comprehension questions afterwards. The thread above was very interesting in terms of the Hearing Aid use. I'm confident I will pass this test as I've used radios in my previous job but if I don't, perhaps there will be a discussion about wearing a hearing aid in that ear. Does anyone have experience of this practical test at HQ and what's involved? This is the last obstacle for me for a start date of 12 March as I've passed everything else. I'm starting to feel a bit apprehensive after coming so far in 12 months of recruitment. Mark