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  1. mbe

    Sept Intake

    Hey, I'm on the September intake! After a year going through the process, it still all feels a bit too surreal! Luckily everyone I've met along the way has been friendly and helpful. Looking forward to meeting you guys there. And congratulations to all for getting to the end!!!!
  2. mbe

    Police Scotland Medical

    Hi ALR, Just wanted to give you a bit of advice as I was in a similar situation. I was successful the whole way through the process and went into my medical blissfully unaware and very honest, stated on my form that i'd previously been on antidepressants, low dosage, very short timeframe etc. OH kept me waiting about a month on a decision and came back saying I was medically deferred for 24 months. Tried to appeal it with the help of the recruitment team but to no avail. I think they are very strict regarding medication and they ask that you have been 24 months clear before applying. All individuals and their circumstances are different though and they ask that you don't disclose any medical information until the very end of the recruitment process. Hope this helps.
  3. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make with your comment 16472. Can you clarify please?
  4. thanks very much for replying. I'm wondering how they would keep check that 6 months had elapsed, or whether I could chance it and apply early.
  5. Hi, I recently went through the full recruitment process for Police Scotland and unfortunately failed at my medical due to an old condition. Been advised that I can re-apply after 6 months however is this 6 months since the medical date, or 6 months from my initial application? It would obviously make quite a bit difference in timescales if it was the latter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. mbe

    Police Scotland Medical

    Hi Ash, thanks very much for replying. Glad to hear someone else was deferred and knows what I'm going through! The problem is, since my medical, i've not heard a thing, apart from the times i've phoned and spoke with recruitment. No one has been in contact with me. I understand they're really busy but i've just been left in limbo! Don't really know what's happening. If all was successful, I was meant to be going on the March 2nd intake, but given that i've not heard a thing, I don't see that happening anymore. Would just be nice to get an update on things from someone. No news is good news I suppose and just need to try and stay positive. Cheers
  7. The whole process is stressful in a really rewarding way, it's a strangely enjoyable stress. So long as you answered all their questions to the best of your knowledge then you should be fine. Remember, they want you to pass. Best of luck.
  8. I think I heard back officially via email within 48 hours, given that it was the weekend, I wouldn't stress. Probably today or tomorrow.
  9. Hi, joined this forum looking for a bit of advice, and hoping others have been in my current situation. I've been successful with my Police Scotland application, up to the medical stage, all went well but due to a past issue it has been deferred. I've not heard anything and it was two weeks ago now, i've spoken with recruitment who have advised that they are in the same position as me and have not yet received any word from Occupational Health. Just feel at a total loose end, everything was going so well and now it has just stopped and left me in limbo. Spoke with my Dr who advised that no one has been in contact with him re; medical issue. Can anyone help? Does anyone have any idea how long this kind of thing usually takes? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers