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  1. I'd like to get some clarification before going ahead with an investment for the future. I'd like to buy off Amazon: Blackstones Police Manuals (4 volume set), however there is also what seems like the same set but with Q&A's named as Blackstones Q&A (4 volume). Anyone with knowledge about these two sets, could you kindly clarify a few points for me? Is the normal 4 volume set just textbook reading, and is the Q&A version a book of questions based on that set? Or is it the same set with the reading but with Q&A's at the end of it? Simply put, what is contained within these sets and what are their differences ( I've already established that one contains Q&A's... but wondering if there is anything else - is it necessary to get both sets?) Lastly, how is the Blackstones PACE manual? There is so much within PACE I'd like to think getting a manual summarizing the main points would prove to be invaluable... thanks :)
  2. holder of equality

    Facial Recognition - assistance please

    look at the face structure, eyebrows, lips, hair (if any) etc and see if they match with the person in front of you, odd question
  3. holder of equality


    Who did you speak to, to get your level 2? im interested and i told my skipper but he said that i need to wait for a few months before my probation but i know this isnt the case...
  4. holder of equality

    Day in the life of a PC

    Oscar pretty much covers it, from my knowledge in my own borough though: in the beginning you'd get sent to ERT or SNT. from there the next attachment could be VCU/CPU (basically the investigation part of policing, this is desk work mostly but you'll have opportunities to gather evidence etc) and possibly from there you could go to CSU/CID depending on performance and out of your own choice but this is just from my borough. ERT is fast paced you'll get your briefing and head out as soon as a car is available, answer calls and depending on your work return you could be spending a bit of time doing paperwork, e.g. arrest notes, crime reports, merlins etc. SNT is what you make of it, obviously the place you get posted to influences what you do, if its like a high street/town centre SNT it'll be more busy than a quiet area, you can be on foot however there might be a car or two for the whole cluster and you might get the lucky shift or two every once in a while. (you can also go on bike if you want). SNT you can take on your own jobs so there can be more paperwork but that depends if you want to hand it over or not...
  5. that sounds great. my skipper is learning punjabi, but for me id love to learn arabic for personal reasons, but i cant really justify it policing wise for them to allow me to do it as there are no arabic speakers in my area lol - how is the language training? how often do you do it (im guessing it sometimes falls on a rest day as is the case for my skipper) and is it the proper formal arabic or is it a dialect based one?
  6. holder of equality

    PC and family life

    It depends, so my advice would be vague.. If a PC offers more money for you there is that, as you said u have 4/5days off, for you to have that I think youD need to go into something more specialised which would be after the 2 yr probation. Don't expect to get off on time all the time, especially in probation, more often u are called up to do something last minute, but it's not only that, anything can happen last half hr of the shift which ties u down for as long as it takes. There is alot of stress in the job and alot is expected from you, I don't know if u experience this in your current work. There are times u will love it but also hate it, I know it's vague but if I was you and the money was the same I'd rather stick for the civvy job, probably get off on time (depending on what u do), family see you, no risk of harm to you (always a chance to get ur head kicked in) etc etc. Your decision, just think it through.
  7. holder of equality

    been a while, jobs alright, sometimes

    as long as you put in the time outside to revise the topics they layout, you will breeze past the exams and enjoy the training
  8. holder of equality

    been a while, jobs alright, sometimes

    on a rest day and im bored, this forum popped to mind and i still remembered my details jeez... i remember that long vetting i had and i was hopeless. i've got just under a year service and only 9 or so months on the beat so its nothing really, still learning, obviously. has good days and bad days, just have to weather through it. I do try my best most of the time to serve my community. its alright i guess, im just thankful i have a job etc. all i really want out of this probation is to be able to somewhat deal with basically any kind of incident that i come across, hopefully i get that. and to everyone else, how are you getting on? 12 months or 12 years service, you're welcome to chime in.
  9. holder of equality

    Polis Scotland video in the Daily Record

    its only funny if you're not in their shoes. hilarious.
  10. holder of equality


    try meditating 10mins every morning and night.
  11. holder of equality

    Everything done / Waiting for job offer / May onwards intakes /

    yeah, pm me ur number and ill ask the admin to add you in
  12. holder of equality

    Day 1 scoring

    overall percentage
  13. holder of equality

    Day 1 scoring

    1- pretty accurate 2- yes.
  14. holder of equality

    February 2016 Intake

    alot of march guys in our groupchat got their rlc lol, I got ealing not sure what it's like tbh