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  1. propidol

    Distance from station

    I lived 4hrs away (I stayed about an hour away when I was working) others I knew used to drive 1.5hrs to work each day. However I certainly would not recommend that travelling distance or time.
  2. propidol

    April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    Funnily enough I’m ordering them soon too for my role. If you can afford the expense, I used two pairs for training - one for firearms training and one for classroom/parade which were kept bulled. They don’t need to be expensive, you can find a pair for £20 or less but they will make life easier! If not you’ll just need to spend that extra little bit of time each night on them. You’ll need to keep your boots in tip top condition at all times regardless of whether you’re on firearms or not so as soon as they arrive if I were you I’d get a head start on bulling them and get them shining like mirrors. Standards at Wethersfield are very high (much higher than some HO Forces I’ve found) and having bulled boots is part of the expectation.
  3. propidol

    April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    SpareRoom is a good site to look at. I won’t be able to go into much detail of what day to day is at AWE on a public forum I’m afraid. All I can say is that there is a lot of gate duties - which is already rather clear on here. Other than that I’d be unable to go into much more detail.
  4. propidol

    April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    Just a bit of advice from a fellows Northerner (Lancashire) who commuted to & from Reading every set of shifts; 1) Make sure that the move is financially viable for you. If you have commitments at home (partner, house, children) I would seriously consider if this is the correct move and do not let the role cloud your judgement. I had a house and a partner when I was at AWE and it put enormous strain on us both financially and emotionally. She was just starting a university course at the time and could not follow me down. It very nearly cost me my relationship. 2) Get accommodation in Reading sorted early, identify who’s going to AWE and who will need a house share but more than that make sure you can TRUST them. A few off my course were screwed in their house shares by others who simply deserted them. I didn’t sort my accommodation early, leaving it very late and ended up paying through the roof for a room in an awful house share with people I did not know. Realising I couldn’t afford it I then had to beg another group off my course if I could sleep on a blow up bed on their living room floor for £10 a night. I did that for 8months. Also for my commute, the day I was due to start earlies I’d set off at 3am, work a full day and then on the last night drive straight back home high on black coffee - let me tell you that is not fun and I was constantly tired! 3) My original accommodation was in Baughurst virtually on the doorstep of AWE Aldermaston, my second was in Bracknell which is around a 45minute drive away. The cost tends to be pretty similar but bear in mind that in nearly all of the cases to be able to rent the room/property you’ll have a deposit of at least £1000 to pay, plus your first months rent and any other costs. 4) Driving to training; shouldn't actually be too bad for those from South Yorkshire, for me as a Lancastrian it once took me 10hrs to get home from Wethersfield (I got the train home for the rest of training after that). In other words, make the first and last journey to and from by car, you’d have to with the stuff you’ll need to take anyway, then see if the train is better and easier. It’s paid for by the MDP anyway (or it was when I was there!). I ended up very unhappy at AWE partly due to the above but other job related reasons as well and left around 18months after joining. However, if you take my advice as it’s meant to be and also understand the role from training you’ll do fine. I make no apologies for the content of my points but I want to give you all a sense of realism. I do not, and will not try to put anyone off the job. It can be a fantastic job and career with the MDP and I would not want to intentionally deprive someone of that. I’ve been gone around 18months now (I joined a Constabulary local to me) but I do keep in contact with ex colleagues who say it has improved an awful lot in recent times. Largely due to the influx of new recruits who, unlike the naivety shown by a lot of recruits in years gone by (I include myself in that), come to AWE knowing full well what the job entails. Also due to the work of people such as MDPREC who undoubtedly has worked hard behind the scenes on the recruitment process. Truth be told if I lived more locally to AWE I probably would have stayed and specialised. With regards to training, you’ll have the absolute time of your life at Wethersfield. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and living in with your fellow classmates and other classes too. I made some lifelong friends there and had a fantastic time. So do enjoy Wethersfield whilst you can! It’s by no means a holiday, it was physically, mentally and emotionally challenging but if you turn up with the right attitude; you’ll do very well. We had trips out of an evening for meals and drinks, bowling, cinemas, even nights out. It’s a top place to be for training and don’t ever under estimate the value of it. Top tip - whilst you’re there get into the on site gym as it’s carbs carbs carbs for your meals! I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours.
  5. propidol

    Tactical Support Group

    Ah the good old AWE rumours. I do miss the daily rumour mill turning ?
  6. propidol

    Tactical Support Group

    I do still speak to some officers I joined with and worked with and they have said it is improving somewhat given the forces new(ish) initial training package and initial selection process. New recruits land on station with their shiny kit knowing full well what their role entails - especially those at AWE where the problem mainly was. Long term that number of joiners v leavers should steadily improve. Recruits are far more aware of what role the MDP currently has and what role it potentially has in the future too. Nevertheless it’s always going to be the case where recruits join and realize it’s not for them and seek to leave - whether that be another force or not. It happens in every occupation. I do think the issue of joining to leave has been addressed and to be fair a lot of time and effort has gone into tackling it, and I think people such as MDPREC have played a big part in it. Huge numbers are still applying and joining the MDP even with more home office forces opening up recruitment, you only have to look at the Facebook page for proof. That indicates to me that the MDP are doing something right.
  7. propidol

    Application timescale

    True..didn’t make that very clear did I? My apologies!
  8. propidol

    Application timescale

    A fixed penalty for speeding is absolutely irrelevant. Especially if it’s a family member.
  9. propidol

    Tactical Support Group

    From experience if you’re already thinking of going to a HO force, don’t bother joining the MDP - apologies if it sounds brutal. A lot of people joined to go to HO office, me included and collectively probably helped to drag morale down at our stations in a time when morale was already low. I’m reliably informed it has improved significantly in recent times much due to the MDP specific training course now being ran at HQ and people are now actually aware of what the MDP is and does. Each force is different, as is each recruiter. Some will take you, some will force you to start from fresh and some will not entertain recruiting an already serving police officer with the MDP whatsoever. If you’re going to join the MDP make sure you know what it is and don’t join with the aspiration to leave. It does the force no good, is detrimental to your colleagues and more importantly destroys you when you’re facing an uphill battle to get out.
  10. propidol

    Tactical Support Group

    Yes it was to a home office. I joined the MDP when they were still running the College of Policing course before it went to MDP specific hence being able to move.
  11. propidol

    Tactical Support Group

    Based at AWE and there is lots of demand. Having completed the course prior to leaving the MDP for another force, I can tell you it is very tough both mentally and physically. You won’t be able to find out much more on a public Internet forum. If I were you I’d first and foremost concentrate on passing the initial course at Wethersfield before even thinking of anything else.
  12. propidol

    Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    They don't have to be bulled for your first day but you'll be encouraged to keep working on them. Bulling properly takes time to do, keep at it. If I were you I'd have a second pair of boots for training and a set for parade.
  13. propidol

    Witness Statements

    I'm in Cheshire and the only pro forma statement I am willing to use is the CCTV collection one. I can understand using a pro forma statement for a burglary if it's going nowhere - go through the motions kind of thing but why would you bother taking a pro forma if say you have a named suspect? You need as much detail as you can possibly get from the victim and a pro forma just doesn't cut the mustard. Forgive me but to me that seems like lazy policing and not even trying to get a positive outcome.
  14. I'd like to see the alternative solution. Perhaps we should just ask nicely for them not to spit? Do gooders with absolutely no experience of a violent person trying to further lessen our powers/tactical options. It's absolutely ludicrous.
  15. propidol

    Too Keen?

    And to add to my above post I'd personally be proud of the work you're doing and take the remark as a compliment