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  1. 3674

    Sept Intake

    Just so you guys know on the June intake we were given all notes printed and in big ring binder folders no class used a tablet/laptop at all. Would be worth while contacting Tullialan staff to find out what they’re doing on the September intake! Good luck to you all!
  2. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Everybody on the current intake in the West certainly were given there divisions 1/2 weeks prior to attending Tullialan and this is the norm from Jackton. Your division shouldn’t change once you’re at the college but your station can change, I have friends who have been switched station & group at around week 6/7. However if they’ve asked you to change to Q you probably will be going there but I wouldn’t take it as guaranteed until you have it in writing. There’s no rhyme or reason to it 😂 I’d be very surprised if you receive final offer and division together.
  3. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Some folk on week 8 of the course at the moment still don’t have their stations. It is anytime between week 1 & week 11 but it is subject to change even if told on week 1 so you can’t guarantee you’ll be going where you’re told.
  4. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good luck to you! If I remember rightly it’s paperwork then fitness! But you’ll be fine.
  5. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You’ll be absolutely fine and very soon you’ll be up in Tullialan smashing whatever result you get on the final fitness!
  6. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Try not to worry too much as this is what I was like and I found it was detrimental to my results. I got 6.4 in Jackton at my Final fitness & 7.4 in my first fitness then 9.1 in my second at Tullialan so don’t stress it is easy to improve quite quickly if you’re motivated to do so - which if you’re at this stage I hope you are! 😂 Good luck
  7. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    For anyone going through the final stages of the process I’d strongly advise you keep tabs on what’s been done and what hasn’t because I had to chase up all my references otherwise I wasn’t getting put on my intake - due to the volume of admin that the recruitment department were dealing with. Also vetting takes ages and will only start once you finish your FF & have done medical my notice period for work was 4 weeks and I got my vetting clearance and final offer at 3 weeks. So you will not be cleared for vetting yet unless you’ve been advised by recruitment via a final offer letter. With regards to fitness personally I have found jackton much stricter than Tullialan for this, I’m unsure if because we are a large intake that they don’t keep track of people the same way. It is obviously important to be as physically fit as possible but up here you will have plenty of time in the evening to attend the circuits classes or run through the Forrest. Good luck everyone! Tullialan has been the best experience of my life! Very much hard work with studying, exams and maintaining fitness and a personal life but it’s doable and you will make friends for life here. Nearing the end for me and excited to get to division but I would do this all over again in a heartbeat. So many myths about being here but you will work that all out when you’re here. The food is also not terrible as explained by most folk 😂!
  8. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hello, I just thought I’d put a post on here as I know found this beneficial during the recruitment process. I’m currently a probationer at Tullialan, went through the West recruitment and I’m posted to west command & if anyone has any questions then please feel free to fire any my way and I’ll do my best to answer them.
  9. 3674

    Tulliallan - curent students

    Hey Im just wondering if you are allowed to take full uniform & kit home or do you leave this at Tullialan? My granda is quite ill but really wants to see me in full uniform.
  10. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was through West last week and in the same boat still waiting for official confirmation!
  11. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I know just trying to plan ahead. I had sedation to extract my wisdom tooth which is benzodiazepine based so wanted to know if they’ll need proof of that.
  12. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Did they ask to see your prescription?
  13. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’m sorry to hear that? It’s unusual that you were short listed for the March intake then cancelled and now not on the June intake?! Especially the areas you’ve applied to! Hopefully it’s September for you! It’s a horriblely anxious wait when you’re anticipating being selected for each intake so at least you can delay that anxiety until next lot of emails go out!
  14. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    What areas have you applied to? I’d maybe give them a call?
  15. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Excellent news! Congrats, what areas have you applied to?