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  1. 3674

    Tulliallan - curent students

    Hey Im just wondering if you are allowed to take full uniform & kit home or do you leave this at Tullialan? My granda is quite ill but really wants to see me in full uniform.
  2. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was through West last week and in the same boat still waiting for official confirmation!
  3. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I know just trying to plan ahead. I had sedation to extract my wisdom tooth which is benzodiazepine based so wanted to know if they’ll need proof of that.
  4. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Did they ask to see your prescription?
  5. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’m sorry to hear that? It’s unusual that you were short listed for the March intake then cancelled and now not on the June intake?! Especially the areas you’ve applied to! Hopefully it’s September for you! It’s a horriblely anxious wait when you’re anticipating being selected for each intake so at least you can delay that anxiety until next lot of emails go out!
  6. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    What areas have you applied to? I’d maybe give them a call?
  7. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Excellent news! Congrats, what areas have you applied to?
  8. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeahh think the emails went out on Friday last week for them! It does specify on the FF & SMT that I MAY BE CONSIDERED for June so nothing guaranteed!
  9. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Where would we find the 54 definitions?
  10. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good luck & Thank you! Well done! Finally some correspondence. Hard to believe it’s happening now ?
  11. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi guys just to update everyone! I have received a FF & SMT for 1/5/18 going through west applied to G, Q & C divisions. So excited now!!
  12. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ahhhh okay! Thanks! Yeah I’m hoping for June as if not I’ll need to redo my medical again. Okay that’s great thanks!
  13. 3674

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, I’m just wondering if anyone has had any word on the June intake? I’m going through west and hoping for June but no word as yet. If not does anyone roughly know when Jackton are likely to contact ie middle or beggining of April for a June intake. Thanks
  14. 3674

    Assessment centre information

    You’re welcome, if you have any other questions feel free to ask or PM me.
  15. 3674

    Assessment centre information

    It’s group activities in the AM which is really quite fun and relaxed. Be conscious that you’re talking to everyone and if anyone’s shy in your group be sure to actively try include them. Then you’ll have a lunch break where you eat in the canteen - be mindful of conduct as you’re being watched. You’ll then have your interview which is the same format as your initial interview. I found my interviewers to be more challenging in my second interview but I wasn’t sure if that was their style of interview or a means of testing me. Best advice to give is YOU CAN DO IT! They’ve already seen the potential which is why you’re in this position so good luck ?.