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  1. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I think it might depend on when you submitted your application i.e. before or after GDPR changes, and whether vetting was underway for you at that time or not, although really not sure to be honest...
  2. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Asked a question on it. Normally based on your ability to persuade / influence others.
  3. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    In case you don't know, for Partnership Working, they ask you about your knowledge of it, not a 'tell me about a time' question. Agree with above, focus is on Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Behaviour. Be comfortable talking about them, not quoting from the website. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Mark
  4. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi folks, Quick question from me. I was recently successful in my assessment centre, and have been told that for my division there is a pool, and I am looking at 2019. My question; when will PS contact my references i.e. now, or closer to the time when I have a date for Tulli? Any guidance on the matter would be greatly appreciated! Mark
  5. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Same as you, 2019. Was told that D and N division are quite delayed. My email said not to be concerned if I didn't hear anything for a few months. What a day yesterday huh? I've been thinking back about some of the group exercises and how we could have done them better!
  6. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's pretty reassuring to hear actually. I am not very academic and even studying to pass SETs, interviews etc was tough. So a bit worried about it. Cheers, Mark
  7. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah they said D and N division were pretty full. I for one am pleased to have the break. I have a mixture of emotions. Happy I made it, but pretty anxious about what's to come.
  8. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done that's great news. See you at Tulli, as I passed too. Turns out I didn't do as badly as I thought haha.
  9. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, Absolutely terrible. Literally couldn't have gone worse. Ironically, Partnership Working went great though! Glad you got on well, I thought you might. Was nice to meet you, and the others. Mark
  10. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Someone today said to me that during there last interview they were asked about the executive board members, and how many deputy chief constables there were. Might be worth a quick scan over that if you haven't already. See you there. Mark
  11. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, The questions are mostly derived from the competency descriptions. 'Tell me about a time' or 'Provide an example of a time' are how they always start the question. Also, think about why police officers would need to be proficient in those areas i.e. scenarios they might encounter where the ability to handle there emotions might be important, or having the ability to priortise workload etc. This will get you in the right mind set. If they feel you lack understanding of the competency, you will fail it. This information was invaluable to me, so will hopefully help you too. Mark
  12. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hello, N Division. Are you local or are you travelling to get to the AC? It should be an interesting day, that's for sure. Cheers, Mark
  13. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, Assuming you are sitting your assessment at Nelson Street, Aberdeen, then I'll see you there as mine is on the 19th too. The first interview was my second attempt, so quite confident as had a rough idea what to expect and had prepared fairly well. Being honest, the interview is the part that most concerns me about the next stage. How have you found the process so far?
  14. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks guys. I feel I should provide a little background as to why I am asking the questions I am, and it not sounding a little defeatist, or odd. Since my last interview my current work commitments have changed slightly, meaning I might not be in a position to re-apply in the near future, should I fail. So if I did join as a special, it probably wouldn't be with the view to later becoming a PC. Hopefully that helps put things into context a little better. I'll be sure to let you all know how I get on.
  15. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    KP07/Ross2018 - thanks for the advice. Something else I guess I would need to consider is that if I went for the specials, but still had aspirations of becoming a PC, then I would need to go back to scratch with my application (apart from the SETs, assuming they haven't changed). Whereas if I just waited 6 months and then re-applied, I believe I would come back in at the assessment centre stage. Can anyone confirm if I am right with what I have said above? Reading my post over really does sound like I have accepted defeat already, promise I haven't haha. Thanks again. Mark