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  1. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Many thanks. For those asking, my friend gave me his physical copy. Not sure where you might get them from otherwise I'm affraid. Cheers, Mark
  2. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Is anyone else considering learning the definitions before Tulli? I saw my friend earlier who suggested it might make things easier. Cheers, Mark
  3. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hello, Good to know. Thanks! My thought process is that I won't be called for final fitness etc until they have an intake date for me, as otherwise things like fitness/medical etc could elapse, thus increasing there leg work at both ends... I try and not think about it too much, and instead just wait for there next email or call. Cheers, Mark
  4. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, I take it you get the final offer after you have done your final fitness and medical? Cheers, Mark
  5. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Was the same for me. Good thing is they phoned first thing on the Monday morning 👍.
  6. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Same here mate (kids, mortgage etc). Pretty sure we'll get advanced notice of division. I doubt I would resign from my current job without that information.
  7. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done. I'm sure it will be the positive result you are hoping for. Anything happen that you didn't expect? Keep us posted...
  8. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    For Partnership Working I don't think I was actually asked a 'tell me about a time you' question, more my understanding of what agencies PS work with and why it's important etc.
  9. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Great mate. AC will be fine, just repeat the same process for interview and all should be well. Maybe see you at Tulli....
  10. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I know this is easier said than done, but I would try to avoid second guessing what questions you will be asked. I would instead suggest trying to keep an open mind, but understand the competencies i.e. descriptors. If you really want to know what questions they will ask, almost all can be worked out based on the competency summary. PM me if you want more info and I'll try and help. Good luck!
  11. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Because I would have run the risk of being posted in Aberdeen, and with the cost of housing being so high there it could have caused us a major problem finacially, which was a risk I didn't want to take.
  12. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Other than AC a few weeks ago, nothing. As I explained in my earlier post, it was all out the blue as I wasn't expecting to be contacted until the end of this year / early next, as they were the timeframes I was given for N division, it hadn't even occurred to me at that stage that I would be fast tracked for my second division of choice.
  13. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    The phone call came out the blue, as I too was told 2019 for N. I sent a revised preference form today. To be honest, if I can't get my first choice I don't think I will be able to join. I explained that I would be happy to wait for N division, but recruitment simply doesn't work like that, and I respect that fact.
  14. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well, I have a wife, two children in school and a mortgage all 30 miles north of Inverness, so I am going to try and change my preferences as it would be quite an upheaval. PM me by all means. I'm sure your AC will be just fine.
  15. Mark-HK

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That would make sense. My second choice is L division, and I just got a phone call asking me if I was ok to start in September!