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  1. Butterbean

    1st day of training

    Pocket Sergeant is pants and iPlod is well out of date. Duty Pro is what half of our force use, think it's developed by some PC's from TVP or Surrey. Also, @gabby6, which training school did you go to?
  2. Butterbean

    vetting question

    Don't get too excited. You'll have a PNC record for a violent offence which will likely present a red flag during your vetting procedure.
  3. Butterbean

    Failed vetting - Completely Clean?!

    Appeal it by calling up recruitment and asking them what the appeals process is.
  4. Butterbean

    Day 1 scoring

    You need to pass each section. You can't fail one and still attain an "overall percentage".
  5. Butterbean

    "Police Now" scheme for graduates

    It's a complete joke. Join the police, do 4 weeks of training and become a DWO? Lol, no thanks. We had a Police Now officer on my team and she left after 2 months because she hated it. Turns out her degree in Archaeology wasn't useful after all. Shock.
  6. Butterbean

    Returning from career break

    Traffic - yes. Safer transport - no. If you enjoy stood on street corners for "targeted foot patrols" within central London then you'll love safer transport.
  7. Butterbean

    Returning from career break

    Avoid RTPC.
  8. Butterbean

    Net pay

    You can't choose how much to contribute into the pension pot. You're either in or you're out. Current contribution rate for new officers is 12.44%.
  9. Butterbean

    Solicitor to Police Officer.

    Speak to HR for the force you are applying to, everyone on this site will second guess. And so you know, I have worked with a handful of Specials over the years who were all practising solicitors.
  10. Butterbean

    Applying for BTP, Kent - not a keen driver

    Not a confident driver but you're applying to be a police officer where senior officers and your colleagues will be expecting you to do your fair share of immediate response calls..... I think you need to grow a pair or find another job.
  11. Agree with Gripper. West or north-west would be my preferred area. Chesham/Amersham isn't a bad shout and it's served by the Metropolitan line so you'll have the option of the tube if you want to use your free Oyster card.
  12. Loads of people. But they all have the ATOC, whereas you won't. So if you don't mind shelling out the cost of the train fare, it's perfectly feasible (for the right borough).
  13. Ok, I concede that A-levels was a bad example. Substitute A-levels for something like AAT for accountancy. That's very relevant to the world of accountancy only and the same principle applies. Does anyone have any evidence to say that internal CKP applicants are actually fast tracked over the external ones? Or is this more bitter rants from those not good enough to make the cut? Grading of a candidate is often based on how well they do with their Day 1 scores and judging by some of the spelling and grammar by those who frequent these forums I'm not surprised that they're way down the pecking order. My advice - keep your mouths shut and watch what you post on a public forum as walls have ears. If you think this is bad, you have a completely unrealistic expectation of the job that you're applying for.