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  1. SCGR

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ah! Yeah west has a lot of candidates on the waiting list. At least the interview/assessment part is done!
  2. SCGR

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Congratulations. Did they say which intake you're progressing towards?
  3. SCGR

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yep :) On the site it tells you which competencies are tested at which stage.
  4. SCGR

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ah cool Thanks! I'm being progressed to that intake. I'm sure the winter intake last year did something similar but you never know.
  5. SCGR

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anybody have any idea when the start date of the December intake begins?
  6. SCGR

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone got a timeline for applying going through East? I sent my application around a month ago :)
  7. SCGR

    Applying for Police Scotland

    I'm not sure, but declare it anyway to be completely safe. Failing to SORN shouldn't be an issue but if they find something and you haven't been forth coming they'll reject you.
  8. SCGR

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Nope!But good luck. The route is round the park just down from there 1 and a half times roughly. When did you send your application sent off?
  9. SCGR

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I got the acknowledgement email about two hours after I sent it. I've had no acknowledgment email from fettes though though I did last time I applied.
  10. SCGR

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I think it's a generic email they send back. Which area are you from? I know it's frustrating but like you said it's more preparation time and what will come will come! I applied last month. Got the reply that they're sending my form onto Fettes and haven't heard since :)
  11. I should point out that seeing as Tay is female I don't think she needs to shave! But yeah you're right it's all about first impressions and presentation is as they say half the battle.
  12. Ah! Lady suit it is. Spoke to one of the recruitment team and they say they get a feeling and a vibe almost as soon as they see someone. Apparently someone turned up unshaven recently and it took away much of the impression in his answers.
  13. A good amount of time to prepare then. I did it as a special so a bit of advice, remember the stuff like force structure, chief constables name and local and national issues ect