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  1. Zahk

    Glock 17 Classification

    http://www.gunstar.co.uk/glock-17-9-mm-pistol-hand-guns-for-sale-in-tyrone/Other-Military-Guns/731827#review The seller just got back to me, it was a mistake in the listing. There is no need to be so harsh, I am sure there are many things I know more of than you, but I'd never scold you for asking questions.
  2. Zahk

    Glock 17 Classification

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and while looking for details about the various firearms sections online I stumbled upon this forum and figured I'd give it a go. So, I'm interested in purchasing a Glock 17 pistol, 9mm. From what I understand, it should be a Section 5 firearm, however some I have found listed advertise it as a Section 1 firearm. I'm confused at this, and I can't purchase or own Section 5s, nor do I see myself being able to as they're tightly controlled. So, do you think these are falsely advertised( on a reputable website?), mistakenly listed, or genuinely are Section 1 firearms? Thanks in advance