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  1. JMW999

    Transfer from HO service.

    How are you finding CNC in comparison? Is it worth the move?
  2. Has anyone had recent experience of transferring to CNC from a home office service?
  3. JMW999

    Transferring To Surrey

    Yeah I'm in the met at the moment, but similar to yourself I am based over near you, and feel that Surrey police would be much better for a work life balance. By the sounds of it at least!
  4. JMW999

    Transferring To Surrey

    Cheers for your answers! I think I will get in touch with a skipper to see if I can jump in for a ride along for a few hours! That fuel card does seem decent! Is it just Surrey who do that?
  5. JMW999

    Transferring To Surrey

    How long was the whole transfer application in total?
  6. JMW999

    Transferring To Surrey

    Sounds interesting to hear what a county service is like. I am interested in transferring once I am out of my probation, mainly due to the long commute. Are the call types of the same nature to the MET? I.e domestics all the time.. Also how did you go about organising a ride along? Did you have to inform your sgt from the MET about this, or was it just done in your own time? Also is the shift pattern the same? Thanks for sharing.
  7. JMW999

    Met v Counties

    Just a quick one to see how being an officer in the Met compares to being an officer in the counities, Surrey, Hants, etc? Is it worth the transfer? How similiar is day to day policing? How similiar are the systems used etc. Many thanks
  8. JMW999

    been a while, jobs alright, sometimes

    Similiar to my self. I am about ten months in only. Enjoyable times and other times not so much! Nonetheless, I recon it is a good job to say you have tried at least!
  9. I was waiting for a long time to be fair. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is be patient with it!
  10. JMW999

    Decided to opt out...

    Don't get paid for the CKP but you will get paid for training.
  11. JMW999

    Group C and D - Waiting for internal CKP?

    Anyone heard anything yet?
  12. JMW999

    Group C and D - Waiting for internal CKP?

    so that's 2 for the moment... whats your timeline jmw999 ? Did my day one early Feb and Day 2 early March.
  13. JMW999

    Group C and D - Waiting for internal CKP?

    Evening, I'm in the same situation.
  14. JMW999

    Met recruitment update Email Today

    I've not had any email. Does anyone have the HR number for the MET?
  15. I've passed Day 1 and Day 2, forms haven't gone to vetting (just called them) and have not received the email either. Don't know whether this is good news or they just haven't got round to telling us that we aren't in for this year at least?Anyone considering that they may have top sliced based on Day 1 scores for the remaining places this year? Also tried to get hold of Post-selection but straight to answerphone, any one had any luck getting through and discussing this with them to get a better idea of the situation? Same position as you. Can't get through and no further contact at all. There not answering phones. Same here, I tried ringing and it goes straight to voicemail. It is hard to guage if we are in a good position or not! When was your day Ones/Twos, if you got the second email I think you've had it this year (like me) Keep trying recruitment but I think they know we all want to get in touch so there hiding. Day 1 - 6/2/15 Day 2 - 6/3/15