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  1. chrism1989

    Accommodation in Aberdeen

    Hey mate, i looked on the board, afraid there's nothing at the moment. i'll keep an eye out tho!
  2. chrism1989

    Accommodation in Aberdeen

    Hey mate, I’m a cop in Aberdeen, there’s quite often cops looking to rent out rooms. I’m on leave until next week but I’ll have a look at the notice board at queen street when I’m back as there’s often adverts there 😊
  3. chrism1989

    Vetting concerns

    Ah so just a Fixed Penalty Fine then, not an actual conviction. You should be fine mate, declare them 100% but I’d highly doubt that it would hold you back with your application. Good luck 😊
  4. chrism1989

    Vetting concerns

    Also, did you actually get charged with having no insurance when you were driving your pal's car?
  5. chrism1989

    Vetting concerns

    I don’t think these will hold you back. Like you say they were years ago, you’ve matured a lot since. Declared them and they may discuss with you but i think you’ll be fine
  6. chrism1989

    P.E at tulli

    Hi, it's a mix of fitness activities. Some of the sessions are in the gym hall/outside, doing interval based body weight training. There is some running too but it's not for much distances. The most we did was the mile and a half run which was timed.
  7. chrism1989

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    A plain round neck t-shirt is fine, doesn’t need to be P/S
  8. chrism1989

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thats your chance to sell yourself, what skills and qualities do you have that will make you successful as a police officer. Definitely complete this section, they get 1000s of applications, make sure yours stands out!!
  9. chrism1989

    Tulliallan - curent students

    Hello, the day is 8.30am to about 4.30pm/5pm Mon-Thu and then 8.30am-2.30pm on a Friday. No holidays while you are there. Once you are finished at 4.30pm/5pm your time is pretty much yours, once you get to about week 6/7 there's a good bit of studying to do in the evenings. There's also lots of (optional) fitness activities going on in the evenings, some of the staff run fitness classes or running clubs etc.
  10. chrism1989

    Bleep Test

    Practice interval sprints, you can do either indoor or outdoor, run fast for a period of time, then slow, then fast, then slow etc etc. Keep changing the timings of your rest and work etc.
  11. chrism1989

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Doesn't matter, jeans is fine.
  12. chrism1989

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That won’t matter, as long as long as you physically fit, you will be fine. Don’t crash diet, you’ll just make yourself ill and probably won’t lose that much weight. I joined with a couple of rugby guys, their BMI was well over 30, but they were able to show they were fit.
  13. chrism1989

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, vision test, hearing test, urine test including drug test, session with the doctor where they will do a top to toe examination and take your medical history. Don't worry nothing intimate!!
  14. chrism1989

    Help reguarding standard entry test

    I did my SET in 2011, but didn't get through the assessment centre, then applied again in 2015 and didn't have to do them.
  15. chrism1989

    Dermatitis and Medical

    Hi Steven, having worked in occupational health before joining the Police I would highly doubt if contact dermatitis would cause you any difficulties in joining :)