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  1. Mdper653

    Substance Misuse test

    You'll be fine
  2. Mdper653


    I've got SC as well, I'm guessing by the wait that they redo the SC vetting procedure then?
  3. Mdper653

    Merseyside 21st November intake

    Thanks very much for the pointers, sounds like it will be interesting, so just to clarify they aren't asking any more competency questions? I was going to prepare a few more for the interview?
  4. Mdper653

    Merseyside 21st November intake

    Hi, I'm booked in for the final interview in two weeks but recruitment haven't actually given any info about what the interview will cover or what the format will be, who'll be there etc, , could any of you guys give a hint for how I should prep for it?
  5. Mdper653

    Mdp Negativity

    Personally I feel the experience you can have as an officer in the MDP is very station specific. AWE seems pretty tough at the moment with a lot of the duties being mainly stand-off guarding but I know other stations have totally different ways of working and have a range of duties that can break up the day. You will see a lot of negativity because a lot of us joined under what you could call false pretences as the force never really told you what you would be doing on a day to day basis, until 5 months in and you're on station standing at a gate. In terms of the job: I'm not going to lie to you, your job is to protect defence assets, and that involves being in a defensive/reactive state so you aren't going to be operationally dealing with much more than basic complaints and minor issues (if you work on a base with a significant number of civilians). This will involve standing on gates, sitting around on standby, and driving around the same places repeatedly in patrol vehicles. The flipside of this is that you are the first and last line of defence between you and any threat to critical national/defence infrastructure so even though you will be bored what you are doing is actually very important and if any of our sites were attacked it would be global news. You have good kit, good training, good pension, good job security, good people to work with etc, so if you can get over the vanity of coming home without war stories then it could be for you. And even then I am talking about a career as a standard constable, there are many specialisations, and unlike the home office you can specialise 18 months into being in the force, not something like 8 years.
  6. Ah fair enough, do you get attested as a Constable at the start of the course or the end?
  7. Ah just checked and it hasn't been sent for some reason, will get resent. More than the ncalt stuff?
  8. I'm starting on September 7th, so we'll be on the same intake. I'm looking forward to starting, its taken a long time! have you had any info from the actual teaching staff yet? I've only heard from HR
  9. Does anyone know how much PT there is during the course at Wethersfield? I am fairly fit but I was wondering whether I should be getting in some more training before starting in a few weeks. Thanks.
  10. Mdper653

    Application timescale

    I was just referring to the vetting after assessment (for SC and DV). For the vetting before assessment as far as I know you are not informed of the outcome if you pass, you just get accepted to the assessment centre. For this initial vetting before assessment I wouldn't worry as it is a basic check against the police National Database Database (as far as I know, MOD HR mentioned this). In general prepare to wait a very long time inbetween recruitment stages, it might seem long but I hear it is nothing compared to some other forces. In my initial application for MDP it took at least a month before hearing anything back from sending the form out.
  11. Mdper653

    Application timescale

    DV is taking around 5 months and may take longer. You will not find out if you have passed SC until around the time your contracts go out as this is when your sponsor requests SC info from your DV application. You can be accepted on the basis of having SC alone, DV will be completed in training for most people I suspect
  12. Mdper653

    Looking for advice

    Hi Police1078, I am starting training in September and i've just been told i'll be posted to Faslane. Do you have any tips about where to live in the area? I'm moving from down south so I'm not too familiar with the area outside a few holidays in the region. Also, do the MDP actually get involved with policing the population of the base or is that left to the Royal Navy Police? For example if there was a burglary in the on-base accommodation would the MDP get involved?
  13. Hi Kwon, Called HR today and found out that I'll be posted at Faslane which I'm really happy about. Apparently contract will be in post tomorrow, I assume I've passed SC if it's at this stage. If all goes well I'll see you at training, I assume you're going to AWE?
  14. I'm in the same position as Kwon except I don't know if I've passed SC yet. I have been informed by HR that contracts will be going out this week or next. Pretty interested to see where they want me posted (assuming I pass SC). Apparently DV is taking up to 5 months as NSV have a back-log.
  15. Mdper653

    Assessment Center Firearms

    They are simply assessing your ability to listen, take orders, and remain disciplined so in my opinion you do not need to prepare. They do not assume you have any prior knowledge of firearms. Concentrate on SEARCH prep.