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  1. SpikeR

    Northumbria Police Recruitment

    @ Ryan I have had under review for around 2 weeks now. I would not worry about it to be honest.
  2. SpikeR

    Glock 17 Classification

    You can get a pistol as a Section 1 in the UK, but they are limited to set reasons. For target shooting, you can get a Long Barrel Pistol such as these http://www.valmontfirearms.co.uk/LBPistols.html. These require you to be a full member of a target shooting club. For humane dispatch ( I.E hunting) you can get a 2 shot pistol such as these http://www.gunstar.co.uk/Humane-Killer-for-sale/A/Other-Guns. Again, you would have to demonstrate you have good need to own one of these. Hunting Deer or Boar is one good reason. As for section 5 firearms however. The Army and police are granted a section 5 by nature of their jobs ( police for the spray and ARP for obvious reasons). You can get a section 5 certificate as a civilian, but the process is VERY difficult and the final decision weather to grant or not is made by the home office.
  3. SpikeR

    Northumbria & Assessment

    All I can say is what I was told mate. Next paper sift is next week depending on when you submitted your application.
  4. SpikeR

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Since last Friday mate. I am not expecting to hear anything back till at least august though if I am being honest.
  5. SpikeR

    Northumbria & Assessment

    I just had a phone call from HR about my tattoo's. The finger one is an automatic refusal but when I said i was currently getting laser removal done on it, I was informed that my application would still be progressed. However, it must be gone if I pass all the tests. As for the rest of my tattoo's on my arms, they were happy with as I sent a photograph of me in a long sleeve shirt. They also told me that the next paper sift would be done next week so if you don't hear today Ryan, it might be next week. :)
  6. SpikeR

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Good luck mate! Fingers crossed for you.
  7. SpikeR

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Yeah mate, I am not worried about the ones on my arms. However, their policy is no tattoo's on the hands, neck or behind the ears.
  8. SpikeR

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Two of my tattoo's are on the underside of my forearms. They are covered by a shirt with around 2/3mm of tattoo showing IF i full extend my arms out and the sleeves slide back. With a well fitting shirt, they are not visible at all.
  9. SpikeR

    Northumbria & Assessment

    When I initially phoned NR to explain i was having problems sending the Email, the lady asked where my tattoo's were. I informed her of the tattoo's on my forearms ( and sent a picture of me in a long sleeve shirt) and the one on my finger. I was then informed that it is NP's policy to automatically refuse an applicant if they have visible tattoo's.
  10. SpikeR

    Northumbria & Assessment

    I believe I am in the same boat as you Ryan. I submitted my application 4 weeks ago and had the status changed to "under review" on Friday just gone. They asked for pictures of my tattoos but as I have a 6mm x 10mm tattoo on the inside of my wedding ring finger. I am not too hopeful if I am being honest but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  11. Just dropping in to say hello from someone who is currently waiting for a response from Northumbria Police with regards to my application :)