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  1. Mk86

    Weathersfeild for training

    My mattress topper was a God send, and my own pillow. I was in a house so took my own TV and Xbox for the living room. I'd also take a Thermos for all the tea breaks.
  2. Mk86


    Yeah, I live two miles from Portsmouth dockyard and I didn't get sent there unfortunately. So you have to be flexible.
  3. Mk86

    Living and Commute

    In regards to the commute, i travel about an hour in and haven't had any real issues so far. The night shift traffic is worse as I hit rush hour both ways, however you'll be working slightly different hours at Burghfield so you may get lucky. The only thing that bothers me is the cost of the fuel, not the time. I car share fairly regularly which helps.
  4. Mk86

    July 2016 Intake

    How many people are there per intake?
  5. Mk86

    July 2016 Intake

    You're on the July 11th course?
  6. Mk86


    I'll also have to look into this too, thanks for the info.
  7. Mk86

    July 2016 Intake

    Same intake but also AWE. We should set up a Whatsapp group or something.
  8. Hi, Can anyone enlighten me to what the regulations are with facial hair/beards? Are you required to be clean shaven? Does anyone care as long as it's not scruffy? I went clean shaven at the assessment and will probably do the same for training but I've seen people pass out and on patrol with beards. Cheers.
  9. Mk86


    Two of mine were contacted. They spoke to them in person for an hour or so. The interviewer visits them at their home or work, they'll be phoned and asked where is most convenient.
  10. Mk86

    Start dates

    Strange considering we applied at roughly the same time. When was your assessment day?
  11. Mk86

    Start dates

    I applied April 2015, had my medical last September.
  12. Mk86

    Start dates

    Contracts due to arrive around the bank holiday weekend apparently.
  13. Mk86

    Start dates

    I'm starting July 11th, going to Aldermaston after training.
  14. Mk86

    Start dates

    Yeah I've been checking my email and this forum constantly over the last few days for any news.
  15. Mk86

    Start dates

    Cool, thanks for the clarification. Whitehall seems like it'd be an interesting place to work.