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  1. Dark_Island

    Beith or Faslane MOD police workers?

    I looked into Beith. I learned an applicant wishing to apply in the west of Scotland is more likely to get offered Coulport or Faslane. If I remember rightly Beith is a small station and they rarely recruit to that station externally; I think to get Beith you may need to transfer (or at least that way could be quicker). 🙂
  2. Dark_Island

    BTP Education Contact Name

    Thanks taypol. It got me a bit stumped there as I know many of my teachers have since left, and same with my college lecturers. I am putting in for Perth and Dundee. Just trying to tackle the competency section. Taking my time with it, but the first 2 questions on each stage are certainly different than what I have been used to on a Police application form; new technology and the risks of that approach, partnerships and why they are important etc.
  3. There is a section on the BTP application where it asks for the name of your education provider, address and so on until it asks for a contact name which must come from a 'teacher/careers adviser'. I haven't been to school or spoken to my old teacher's in years and I am almost certain a lot have most likely left. I could try phoning of course, but if I struggle to get a contact name then what am I to do? Has anybody else faced or are facing a similar situation with the application?
  4. Dark_Island

    Initial interview help

    Read the descriptors and try to think of experiences that could hit about 4 ot more or the respective descriptors. :)
  5. Dark_Island

    Distance from station

    I am not MDP but I am sure I read it was around the 45 minute mark. Maybe @MDPREC can clarify for you.
  6. Dark_Island

    CNC Jurisdiction; what would happen if....

    Thanks! That really does help. I follow the CNC accounts on Twitter and have noticed the CNC can often stop a vehicle to be seized or searched for whatever reasons when out and about within their 5km radius so it got me thinking of the scenario where someone tries to evade them. As Oscar said it sounds very similar to to the MDP. Their priorities are different and more specific in nature so anything that takes them outwith their natural role and/or jurisdiction would need the green light first. Only difference I can think of is an MDP Officer can use his/her powers when in uniform or have documentary evidence in any place where it is apparent to him/her that waiting on a local officer is not a viable option to protect life and property and/or prevent crime.
  7. Dark_Island

    CNC Jurisdiction; what would happen if....

    It is a wonder since their powers are restricted to 5km. Are there no CNC Officers on this site able to answer?
  8. Dark_Island

    Assessment Centre Scotland

    When I applied back in 2016 I was required to travel down. I did not go as I withdrew a week or 2 before. Although I have read accounts that people who live a fair distance have done their A/C closer to home? Maybe phone recruitment? Edit to add that I was required to travel down from Ayrshire.
  9. What would happen if the CNC attempted to stop and search a vehicle but the person attempted to evade the CNC and was able to go as far enough to go over the 5km radius? Would they (CNC) be required to stop and pass details over to the local territorial police force, or are they allowed to continue to pursue. (I will leave reasons to do a stop and search for your own imagination (although I understand if the CNC Officers believe that materials has been unlawfully removed from the site then they can pursue to recover it)).
  10. Thank you. The link is very helpful. I have been reading on the MDP website as well and found a pdf file outlining the selection process. The interactive role-play exercises look nerve-wracking but I guess I should remember it's just a proactive interview to test my competencies first hand.
  11. Hi. I am very much considering applying to the MDP and I have been looking into the role, and the selection process. I live in Scotland where we do not use SEARCH to recruit Police Constables to our traditional Police Force and therefore I am not all too familiar with the assessment. I am just looking to get some insight from those who have been through the SEARCH assessment. What does it entail? How difficult is it on a scale from 1 (Not difficult) to 10 (Extremely difficult)? How do you prepare for SEARCH? I will be very grateful for any insight :)
  12. The current 'Police Officer 2018' campaign is tempting, but unfortunately the locations are too far away for me to relocate. I would be looking to go for very far north England stations (i.e Carlisle) or any station in Scotland. I think D-Division (Scotland) won't be recruiting at all now (although maybe there is time for one last recruitment drive?) so I think Carlisle would be my more realistic station. Do you think in the next 6 months (roughly) the BTP will be advertising for Police Officer/Student Officer vacancies for D-Division or Carlisle Station?
  13. Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling it wasn't mandatory. Maybe encouraged for a varied career though. Cheers again.
  14. I am asking on behalf of a friend who is interested in joining one specific specialisation but says the possibility of rotation is putting him off. I personally haven't heard of such, but was hoping if someone could clarify for me? Thanks.
  15. Dark_Island

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I do not agree with these levels either. Anything between 7.6 and 9.2. 9.2 being the preference because the job, I imagine could be often very physically demanding.