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  1. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Thanks Zad. Obviously I'm disappointed but there's no sense in me getting downhearted about it. I'll be asking for feedback and then it'll just be a matter of taking stock of where I am and then working out what I can do to improve for next time.
  2. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    End of the road for me unfortunately. Best of luck of those who passed and I hope you're appointed soon.
  3. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Very good news. I'm presuming I got the same message as you Zad.
  4. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    That's great news chhay. Hope you get that early release.
  5. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    It's disappointing, but it's not the end of the world. Just means waiting a year or so. It'll be worth the perseverance though.
  6. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Haven't heard anything either about having my application cancelled. Appreciate you keeping us updated, Trev.
  7. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Yeah chhay, mid-September is when I'll be doing the medical/vetting/fitness. My thinking was the same as well - seems odd to continue do undertake pre-employment checks until September if there are no additional intakes being planned. Like you said though, it's promising, but until it's firmly decided on it's impossible to tell. *to undertake
  8. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Hey Dom. Just got my medical appointment booked today. I'm told my vetting and fitness test will be on the same day too, so that's been a massive help. I'm tempted to drive myself to avoid any public transport delays. The only negative is that it isn't until mid-September. That said, I'm hoping this is an indication that they're planning additional intakes. Have you heard anything about the August one?
  9. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Chhay - They told me a week ago they'd be back with revised appointments. I reckon they'll move them to the 28th, given that there are two fitness testing slots on that day. Haven't heard about anything else since. Did you have to move around Newcastle a lot on the day you did all your pre-employment checks? Dom1988 - Good place to be. When did you finish the other pre-employment checks? And yeah, it'd be great to know if the August intake is going ahead, or even if anything will happen after that in the neat future.
  10. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Cheers Dom. Originally I had the 15th for fitness and the 21st for vetting, but as I live far away at the moment I've been told they'll try to reorganise all appointments to the same day. You done all yours?
  11. Hi chhay. Appreciate the info. I was gunning for the August 24th intake, but now it feels like it's all up in the air. Did they give you an indication of when a decision was going to be made? It's not the best position to be in. And yeah, definitely. Would be such a shame to lose out on it at this stage.
  12. Did Northumbria send out an e-mail saying this? I'm undergoing the pre-employing checks at the moment too.
  13. Matt2

    Northumbria & Assessment

    Hi. I've followed this topic for a while but I figured I'd finally register. Passed my final interview about two weeks ago. Currently waiting to undertake my fitness, medical and biometric vetting tests. Really hope that there's going to be an intake at the end of this, assuming I pass the remainder of the process (I don't foresee any issues coming up).
  14. Matt2


    Hello. My name is Matt. I'm currently an applicant to a territorial police force in England. I'm simply registering on these forums so I can communicate with other applicants. I'm aware that I am not to divulge any material from the assessment/application process. Hope this is enough. Thanks, Matt