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  1. You can apply to join as a new entrant
  2. MarvelCup

    Mdp Fitness Test

    During the test, is everyone automatically stopped at level 7.6? or do you have the oppurtunity to run on? Almost sure I read an old thread where someone said those who have selected TSG during application can run on (which is what I have selected)
  3. See you all there! Very much looking forward to getting there tonight and getting settled before the fitness elements tomorrow
  4. MarvelCup

    Application timescale

    Best of luck to anyone on the AC with me tomorrow and wednesday :)
  5. MarvelCup

    Tips For Assessment Day

    Best to luck to anyone on the AC tomorrow and wednesday (5th and 6th)! I'm very much looking forward to it, and nervous.. been a long time coming
  6. MarvelCup

    Application timescale

    Good luck with your application and good luck with the trip, come selection time! I'm originally from NI.. Been living in Wales for the past 4 years.
  7. MarvelCup

    Application timescale

    Yup! Lucky they kindly offer accommodation the night before and travel expenses :) I applied way back on Oct '15.. Unfortunately right before the freeze. Only sent off my Police vetting forms 2-3 weeks ago.
  8. MarvelCup

    Application timescale

    I'm on that one too! Traveling from South Wales :)
  9. MarvelCup

    Application timescale

    Yeah seen this on their FB page today.. As I've already submitted my app and passed the initial sift I'm guessing I'm in the '2016/2017 candidate pool'.
  10. MarvelCup

    Application timescale

    Just received the below, for anyone else in a similar position. Needless to say I'm not at all pleased. "We are starting to run assessments again, but we have over 700 candidates to process. Once we are ready to call you forward to the next stage you will be sent a vetting form to complete. At this stage I can not tell you when that will be, but our next assessment is not until September 2016. I have copied this email to your recruiter, who may be able to give you more of an indication on time frames. Many thanks Michelle MDP Resourcing Manager DBS Civ Pers"
  11. MarvelCup

    Application timescale

    Thanks propidol. I know it's certainly worth waiting for, but very frustrating. I'm holding out hope that due to the MOD being so low on Police Officers, they can have a speedier recruitment in 2016. PSNI are very good in regards to recruitment timescale, a friend of mine blitzed through it last year and was appointed very quickly.
  12. MarvelCup

    Application timescale

    That timescale is outrageous. I submitted my app back in October and heard back after only a few weeks I passed the shift, since then it's been a few updates received and 'possibly April' for selection date. Also been told they've held off on sending through the PVetting forms until closer to a given selection date. Just sent a chaser today because I really want to get the ball rolling. However I've also put in an application for the Royal Military Police (job I've always considered, very fed up in my current job etc, etc,.) Looking at both timescales side-by-side it looks like the Army will win over on this one!
  13. MarvelCup

    Royal Military Police.

    Hi guys, apologies for hijacking this thread but I've a few questions about the RMP and figured here would be appropriate, feel free to guide me elsewhere if it's not! Currently weighing up the options between joining as a regular or reserve. (I believe I have the Q's for officer level but that's a conversation to be had with recruitment. Either spider or officer would pay me as much, if not more, and would offer x1000 job satisfaction). I currently live in South Wales, I understand relocation is almost certain for a regular but I'm unsure how it works for reserve; do I have any say in my location? Would they try to put me close to my current location post training? Would you say the job itself is challenging to balance with personal life? I only ask as I'm 10 months away from tying the knot with my Mrs. I know what I'd be letting myself in for with such a job but it matters to me what effect it will have on her (relocation, time away from home, distance from friends and family, deployment) Apologies for the essay! :)
  14. Are there any active members here who are currntly serving in this force? Currently been living in Wales for almost 3 years and in that time period, Gwent Police have not opened their recruitment once (as far as I'm aware), which is crazy. Is there any update as to when (more like IF) recruitment will open?
  15. MarvelCup

    Medical - BMI

    Thanks mate, that is a reassurance! I will try to cut and drop my BMI below 30 to save the conversation happening at all, but it's good to know there's sense in the process.