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  1. StudentCop1990

    Met new format of training

    I was an external CKP too, I did mine months and months before starting so my knowledge wasn't as fresh as people who did it internally or a week or so before starting. My experience of Marlowe house was good, was not as regimented as Hendon for example. I don't feel the training course is fit for purpose, but you make do and you get by. They give you the foundations to start learning once you get out onto borough. Either way staff want you to pass the exams and in my experience at Marlowe I found they were very supportive. I wouldn't want to have gone somewhere else because I enjoyed it there. I'm on Westminster, used to be trained at bethnall green until they closed the training down there. I remember seeing a lot of Lewisham and the odd Lambeth officer at Marlowe but what they do now I wouldn't know. It changes so regularly.
  2. Hey, yeah I believe all rooms apart from second are refurbed, that's what I've been told (I'm on second) so you should a have a small mounted TB installed in there already.
  3. StudentCop1990

    Training and Holiday

    I'm in the met approaching coached patrol, it is a ban on holiday until after you pass out. Then you can request holiday via the sergeant on your team. If you have pre booked holiday and don't wish to cancel it they can delay your intake but can't guarantee a place I believe.
  4. No worries, you're welcome. Any other questions just drop me a message. Good luck!
  5. nice one and thanks so much. can i ask about the kitchen, There's a large kitchen on ground floor and two small kitchens on 2nd and 4th. The one on second is old but the others are refurbed. I recommend you Bring or buy your own utensils/cooking equipment. Each floor has male and female toilets and male and female showers. The showers have a few cubicles and you don't ever have to queue or anything. They've all been refurbed. You get sheets and pillows and a duvet. You can request new sheets each week and they drop them in your room for you to change. Wifi reception is good on most networks. I've heard Relish broadband reaches section house but I don't personally have it. Relish is unlimited and cheaper than some other networks so I would say get that and if it doesn't suit or work exercise your 14 day return right. If you go on the web site it says the signal doesn't reach but if you put in a random central postcode then have it delivered to section house you can get it. I wish I did that instead of signing up for a 3 mobile broadband hub. Haha no worries these are all questions I wanted to know.
  6. 4 floor is refurbed so you shouldn't really need to bring much you'll have a TV, wardrobe with full length mirror, bedside table, bed, desk and chair, sink, chest of drawers. I'm on an unrefurbed floor and have bright an under the counter fridge however, I think you'll struggle to fit one in yours as imyou have more standard stuff so maybe wait till you're here to decide on if you're going to get one.
  7. I'm a current resident and it depends what floor you're on as one of the floors rooms haven't been refurbished. Have you found out your room number that will help?
  8. StudentCop1990

    Met Police April 25th Intake & New Recruit Questions

    I'm the second intake on the new course, going out in 2 weeks providing I pass my KRE3. About the training, they don't teach you legislation in the course really, they may brush over it in the lessons. The Legislation on the CKP syllabus you're expected to know particularly the definition/points to prove, knowing these will help you pass your exams. The lessons are mainly practical and role play focused, they teach you processes and policies aswell as things like how to deal with certain incidents arriving as a first responder etc. Things to buy before hand really are your boots and polish lot however, it's not necessary straight away as you won't get uniform and kit until later on, on average week 3. I opted for the magnum 8.0 panther side zip and I think they're comfortable and practical. The side zip is handy when you're in a rush to get changed haha. Just as an FYI Bethnall as an RLC is closed so you'll only be at one of the other 3. Any other questions let me know or drop me a message. Happy to answer any questions for anyone moving into Gilmour section house too. Good luck all!
  9. StudentCop1990

    Met new format of training

    I'm on the new course and I started my CKP July 2015 online and I'm in a class with people who did their CKP internally go 6 weeks full time, granted they got more out their CKP than m but some of them didn't pass their first exam and I didn't. The new course apparently teaches you more of the practical side of things which I thing is great, wouldn't want to get out on borough and not know how to do statements, radio or searches etc. Just get your blackstones, use the revision bites on the pre join MLE they give you and review you CKP notes. They don't want you to fail and Marlowe house RLC run a study club with a trainer to help you if needed.
  10. StudentCop1990

    Gilmour Section House London

    I read the contract differently, I read it that certain items aren't allowed. However, things like fridges will be if they have a certificate on them confirming they are safe. I think it's called PAC testing, might be wrong. I have a fridge (a normal under the counter kitchen fridge) coffee machine and own TV in my room. I'm not in one of the refurbished rooms unfortunately. A friend of mine in the refurbished rooms does have some more furniture than me but said that my fridge would still fit in the room.
  11. StudentCop1990

    Met January 2016 Intake

    There is on average 15 mine has dropped to 13 now but if people get recoursed then it could increase. Just depends on the total cohort numbers and what RLC's they're going to. Our class all get on well and help each other. We've had the odd drink after work but the majority are already Londoners so already have a social life down here, that's my finding. Although, you won't get much time to socialise as you'll need your head in your books. Any questions about section house or the area or whatever just drop me a message, I'll try my best to help, I know what the move and uncertainty of what to expect is like.
  12. StudentCop1990

    Met January 2016 Intake

    I'm at Gilmour at the moment. As far as I'm aware you should have a refurbed room. I know 4th is too. 2 isn't refurbed and unsure about 3 and 5.I hope the 5th floor is! How big are the rooms? I think they may be tbh but don't take my word on that. I suppose it depends on what you're used to, let's just say it's cosy. I have different furniture in here compared to the new refurbed ones. refurbed ones look more like a single room in an ok hotel. The bathrooms and shower rooms on each floor are refurbed so are nice.
  13. StudentCop1990

    Met January 2016 Intake

    I'm at Gilmour at the moment. As far as I'm aware you should have a refurbed room. I know 4th is too. 2 isn't refurbed and unsure about 3 and 5.
  14. StudentCop1990

    Met January 2016 Intake

    I'm currently training and our class was meant to be at Bethnal but they've moved us to sidcup for our normal training and as there was no space for our officer safety there they're sending us to Havering to complete that part.
  15. StudentCop1990

    CKP Modules on NCLAT/MLE

    I believe If you were to only complete some of the modules of the CKP you don't pass it overall. I assume you wouldn't get a certificate or proof of completion to be able to provide the met. That's my understanding anyway.