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  1. TriggersBroom

    Accommodation in Aberdeen

    No probs. Thanks for your help mate!
  2. TriggersBroom

    Accommodation in Aberdeen

    Thanks mate that would be great!!
  3. TriggersBroom

    Accommodation in Aberdeen

    Hey, what I would say to you is, don't doubt you are doing the right thing. I nearly quit last week because of the stress of having to rent somewhere else. I also have took a large hit with pay and it will almost feel like I am working for nothing now. However, as I said I cant quit as I can almost taste it now. I was also shocked when they told me where I was going and especially after being reassured that my circumstances would be taking into consideration. Not the case unfortuneatly and I am not the only one, there is quite a lot of folk in the same position as me. I won't be taking a holiday period for my mortgage but what I am doing is opting out of pension until we get our first payrise in 6 month. This will ease the cash flow for renting. As for accomodation pack, it look to me as if the properties on there were owned by other Cops that were renting their properties out. There were no discounted ones and if anything alot more expensive than what you would find on the internet etc. Dont quit bud🖒
  4. TriggersBroom

    Accommodation in Aberdeen

    Hi Guys, Currently at Tulliallan and have had the news that I have been posted to Aberdeen City centre. Not ideal at all as I have a family and Mortgage 70 mile to the north. This distance is not commutable. However I have to get on with it. I was send an accommodation pack but it was more for renting 'full' flats or houses which makes it way to expensive for myself. Is there any current probationers out there been in the same boat and could offer a solution? I have looked on spareroom.com and seen rooms available for around 300pcm mark but again I naturally want it to be as cheap as possible, so that I can at least live! I had notice that the Uni offer accommodation and this would be interesting to know their price, however they have not replied to my email as of yet. Probably a topic that wouldn't effect the majority of folk but if there is any advice out there then I would love to hear. Thank you
  5. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Maybe because its 'along the lines' ?... For what its worth I was asked something similar!
  6. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland June intake 2018

    Wish I planned ahead abit better nowm Yeah A division.
  7. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland June intake 2018

    No, not yet. Just read joining instructions last night and there is a fair bit to get. Reference boots, I would thouroughly recommend 'Altberg Warriors'. I was in the Army for 8 years and went through many dofferent kind of boots but these ticked all the boxes.
  8. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland June intake 2018

    Hi, I am finally in June intake😃. Looking forward to it
  9. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Final offer here for June intake! Buzzing. 1 failed A/C, Deferred at medical stage also .... pleased it has finally come.
  10. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've never doubted what you said. I was only saying that we have had different communication from our SMT. They did say not to hand notice in but certainly didn't mention having it in line with notice periods. As my OP suggest, I was expecting it sooner rather than later. And I certainly hope so for us all😆 I think I may qualify for one of those degress too lol
  11. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, yeah I was hoping for the same thing. I was obviously under the wrong impression though as I was expecting to be told quite soon. Nevermind. We are all used with the wait now lol. I just dont remember anyone at Aberdeen being told they wont find out until 4 weeks before. Like I stated before hopefully thats the story down Glasgow way and that we will find out earlier because I still believe the North East is going through slighty quicker. Fingers crossed.
  12. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Never knew that, so that is news to me thanks. Yeah I did but I though for some reason it would happen alot sooner hence my post(purely on diviosional requirements). The 4 weeks before as 1869 said is news to me.
  13. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks for that. Yeah I was just told I was being 'considered' but was looking at June intake. Back to the waiting game.
  14. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Has anybody that was at Aberdeen last Monday for their SMT & FF received any news about the potential June intake? I aint heard nothing yet. Patients is a virtue 😂
  15. TriggersBroom

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Off to FF and SMT fitness on Monday in Aberdeen. Pretty happy its finally here. Just hope like you all that we might get notification of when we start. I am hoping for June intake naturally and hace had the same email as you all thats states they do not know the numbers yet etc.