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  1. SecretSquirrel88

    Any rejoiners out there?

    Hi Aero tried to DM you but your account doesn’t accept them!
  2. SecretSquirrel88

    Any rejoiners out there?

    Hi, Like Kimmee says it’s dependent on all your current and previous circumstances. I handed in my app, I got a phone call from a recruitment Sgt to discuss my application and she took some references of previous force line management etc. I am still awaiting the outcome but they do tell you this can take a few weeks to get all the information beforE a decision is made then they decide what stage of the process (if any) you’ll go through.
  3. SecretSquirrel88

    Application form sent

    Rejoiner application sent Jun/Jul 17 Confirmation receipt from East Command 2 weeks later stating would hear within 8 weeks. Contacted them via email mid Sept regarding progress but they’re dealing with a backlog of applications and would hear in due course, still nothing at the moment but may phone them at 16wk mark. The HR and Recruitment depts will be super busy with some of the backlogs I would imagine.
  4. SecretSquirrel88

    Any rejoiners out there?

    Sorry I've just remembered my log in details to get back in here ? Ahh so they assess your application then seek your previous line management for reference and then does it go to the Recruitment CI or your local area CI? I last spoke to someone about the process over a year ago so it looks like it has changed a little since then. I have been out since 2015 so not too long! How about yourself? Have you heard anymore about your application? Hopefully you're back in now haha ? I submitted mines in June and still awaiting hearing anything regarding the outcome. Tried to message you but it won't allow me to!
  5. SecretSquirrel88

    Any rejoiners out there?

    Not a rejoiner as such but have sent in my application to rejoin and should hear the outcome in the next couple of weeks I think. Have you submitted an application? I know that once they receive the app, you're likely to be contacted to clarify a few points and then I think it falls to your line management to reference you.
  6. SecretSquirrel88


    Employers aren't allowed to give a bad reference anymore however they can refuse to provide one. All that is really checked is the dates you were in employment, any disciplinaries and any sick periods. Hope that's of some help to you!
  7. SecretSquirrel88

    Rejoining - Police Scotland

    Hi Donnie, Thanks for that piece of info, it's a bit of a help, I just hadn't heard of anyone leaving Police Scotland and heading back into it so wasn't sure if it was something the current recruitment are keen to do compared to legacy forces! Thanks again!
  8. SecretSquirrel88

    Rejoining - Police Scotland

    Hello, Not sure anyone can help/has done this yet as I'm aware of the current morale etc in the single force. But has anyone left just prior to or at the beginning of the single service being in place and rejoined through the application process? Or know anyone that has and what is it like through Police Scotland? It had just not long been the single force when I left but I am looking to rejoin. I'm aware of its current state but the grass isn't always greener :) Any pointers would be great...
  9. SecretSquirrel88


    Evening, just joined and following the rules! Recently resigned looking for some guidance.