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  1. thearmadillo

    New member

    Bart - I still cannot send or receive PMs - any help you can provide would be appreciated!
  2. thearmadillo

    New member

    I think you misunderstood - I have been contributing to the forum but now I would like the ability to send and receive private messages as I need to contact a few members via PM. I remember that you needed to fulfil a couple of points to have the PM facility unlocked, but I now cannot find the necessary information and was hoping someone would be able to assist
  3. thearmadillo

    New member

    Hi guys and girls, I joined this forum recently and made the 10 posts to have PM's unlocked, however I cannot find hide nor hair of the topic that outlines what needs to be done by myself next. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Regards,
  4. thearmadillo

    Met January 2016 Intake

    Mine too, seems standard to do it that way round. My manager sent mine straight back to them same day. Interestingly enough though, someone from the recruitment team phoned me on the Thursday to check my details and he said that they won't be contacting my personal referees as not required - they are only contacting my employer
  5. thearmadillo

    Met January 2016 Intake

    What is this magic number people keep referring to? Can anyone let me know please? I feel that I need to contact this mythical font of knowledge! [emoji4]
  6. It's a shame that this is the news for a lot of people, I feel extremely lucky to be given a start date after starting the process over a year sgo
  7. thearmadillo

    Shirts and Epaulettes

    Well whatever I get given I'll wear - not going to quibble [emoji4] I'm hopeful the traditional 'swapsies' method of getting extras exists in Police!
  8. thearmadillo

    Met January 2016 Intake

    How do you know what level of offer you've been given? And what do the levels mean?
  9. thearmadillo

    Net pay

    Does anyone know about taking my current pension and transferring the funds into the Police pension when I join? I currently have 10 years worth of monthly payments that will be looking for a new home shortly.....
  10. thearmadillo


    Cool beans, thank you for clarifying
  11. thearmadillo

    Shirts and Epaulettes

    That's what I wanted to know - I have a lower arm tattoo y'see. I have no problem wearing a long sleeved shirt though, my choice and all that jazz [emoji4]
  12. thearmadillo


    With boots - do they have to be leather for day to day wear?
  13. thearmadillo

    Shirts and Epaulettes

    Do you get a choice of designs i.e. if you only want long sleeves?
  14. thearmadillo

    Met January 2016 Intake

    Hi guys and girls, I'm in the same boat - received an email yesterday stating that my date is the 25th - guess I'll see everyone at Hendon! Haven't heard anything about my RLC from day three onwards though...... My timeline was (roughly) as follows: Application - Sep 14 Conditional offer - Nov 14 CKP pass - June 15 If anyone has any advice/Whatsapp group details feel free to bombard me!
  15. Hello, I've joined this forum as I have jsut had my start date for the MPS confirmed (25 January), and I want to get as much of a heads up about things as possible! I'm 29, currently working for a bank and am also a serving member of the Army Reserve - both of which I've done for 10 years. I wanted to join the Police to make a difference and help some of the most vulnerable in our society - beyond that, no aims/goals as of yet! Regards, James