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  1. spoiltprince

    April/May 2016

    Thats wonderful news, well done! I believe there are 4 classes of 20 officers starting in September. They will be staggered I think. 5/9, 12/9, 19/9 and 26/9. By the time you start, i'll be out on phase 2 after 20 weeks training. Good luck!
  2. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    Well done Surrie...nearly there! Like you, I applied in march 15, telephone in june, assessment sept, fitness medical ,Oct and final interview Feb. The top candidates are chosen at each stage and progressed in batches. Just sit tight, and be patient... Hopefully you will get there and nothing stopping you from a potential September start! Good luck!
  3. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    Probably right...not might be June be fore you hear formally I guess....
  4. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    Jimboe - got formal letter yet?
  5. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    No notes allowed...you'll be fine. Just make sure you know your application form!
  6. spoiltprince

    Assessment Centre DVD exercise?

    Hi, all info you need regarding this is on page 8 and 9 of the following: http://recruit.college.police.uk/Officer/after-I-apply/Documents/SEARCHinfo_for_candidates_012v1.1.pdf Good luck!
  7. spoiltprince

    Gwent Anyone

    yes, that is no problem at all... make sure you can expand on answers if probed and having a structure helps...
  8. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    Hi Folks, i've started a thread in Force Specific section for WMP for the new intake - hope new recruits can join us there!
  9. spoiltprince

    April/May 2016

    The WMP board is very quiet. Lets change this! Who is on April/May 2016 intake? Everyone looking forward to pre-enrolment on 31 March 2016? Like other new recruits, shall we get a whatsapp group going? I am in the 3 May class. My timeline: Applied: March 2015, TIV June 2015, SEARCH Sept 2015 Fitness/Medical Oct 2015, Fian Interview Feb 2016
  10. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    Brilliant news jimboe, well done! I had my uniform fitting yesterday! Raring to go now
  11. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    My understanding is 3 classes of 20 have been filled for April/May. Next intake will be september. You might be lucky and hear back next week for a possible May start? Who knows....best of luck anyhow, keep us posted
  12. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    Well done! Did they say when you would hear?
  13. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    Thanks jimboe, good luck for interview!
  14. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    Thanks jimboe, good luck for interview!
  15. spoiltprince

    West Mids Anyone

    Just got offer letter for a start on 3 may! So happy!