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  1. ecm17

    Police Scotland Intake March 28th (Vetting)

    Just received my confirmation for this intake is there a group set up?
  2. ecm17

    Police Scotland February 2016 Intake

    I passed my AC at the beginning of December and have my conditional offer and I am still waiting on my vetting - I have been pushed back on 3 intakes now just waiting patiently
  3. ecm17

    Police Scotland Intake March 28th (Vetting)

    My initial start date was 1st Feb but this was pushed back to 29th Feb and then pushed back again to the 28th March - all because my vetting isnt back yet. Passed final fitness and SMT in the middle of December
  4. ecm17

    Police Scotland February 2016 Intake

    I received a phone call from recruitment two days ago confirming that I have been put back until 29th February intake because my vetting isn't back yet ?
  5. ecm17

    Police Scotland February 2016 Intake

    Wow, what kind of photo was it if you don't mind me asking? Anti-corruption could be a financial check maybe but I could be wrong...
  6. No my mistake, it's not, I will need to find out which site they used
  7. I have a question. My parents reported an untaxed and uninsured vehicle to the police. It took 3 weeks for police to respond to the matter and by then the vehicle was insured. The police spoke to the owner who denied using it when it wasn't insured. This was a lie but my parents understood they needed to have two eyewitnesses and there was only one witness (my mum). The police also told them that the askMID online database is not reliable. However, the vehicle is still being used and is showing as untaxed since September 2015. This can be seen on the government site. The PC on the case wasn't interested stating it wasn't a police matter but a government one. Surely this isn't the case? It was my understanding that driving without tax was illegal and that in most cases it invalidates your car insurance? It is a concern because the car is being used to drive around a vulnerable family member. Any knowledge on this would be helpful?
  8. ecm17

    SET Numbers paper..?

    I did my SET back in August and can 100% confirm that you do. But by all means keep practicing without a calculator - i sure did
  9. ecm17

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi eye777 I had the exact same issue as you as I was using a Macbook. I spoke to recruitment who advised I needed to use a PC. I ended up going to my local library to fill in the application.....
  10. ecm17

    SET Numbers paper..?

    You are now provided with a calculator for the numbers paper. Good luck!
  11. ecm17

    Police Scotland February 2016 Intake

    I called recruitment on the 30th and I am just waiting in vetting! Haven't heard anything since ? keep refreshing my emails like a mad woman
  12. ecm17

    Police Scotland February 2016 Intake

    Yes at Jackton! .........we must have been there at the same time!
  13. ecm17

    Police Scotland February 2016 Intake

    its the waiting which is the hardest part - I only had my SMT and Final Fitness on the 07/12 but this last week has gone at a snails pace