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  1. GlesgaHaggis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ideal, thanks for the clarification. Just a month to go now until starting (Assuming all goes well). Cheers, Ben
  2. GlesgaHaggis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, regarding the medical are you required to take your medical record with you, or just the completed questionnaire signed by your doctor? Thanks
  3. GlesgaHaggis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just passed my interview for the specials and got my Medical at Jackton on the 14th. Dead excited to be starting in June. Anyone else on this intake.
  4. GlesgaHaggis

    Specials - June intake

    Hey, thanks buddy. I'm looking to apply for this upcoming one (provided my employer allows my holiday request), and I'm extremely excited for the opportunity. Appreciate the help, Cheers.
  5. GlesgaHaggis

    Specials - June intake

    Hey, Does anyone know if you're taught at Tulliallan over the weekends during the three week course? Thanks
  6. GlesgaHaggis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi there, about to send in my application (Hopefully tonight) to join as a Special. The application asks for a reference from your current employer, however I'd rather not ask my manager, if possible. Does anyone know if they would accept my supervisor as an acceptable reference as my current employer? Thanks.
  7. GlesgaHaggis

    Fitness Tips

    Thanks for the encouragement mate, definitely something I'll need to look into. I was also considering getting a Personal Trainer, reckon it might do me a bit of good. As you say but, it's all down to dedication and how much you want it. That's an incredible loss in 8 months man, well done. Cheers bud.
  8. GlesgaHaggis

    Fitness Tips

    Hi, I know you all love a good post about fitness, and how it brightens up your day. Basically, I'm planning to follow my dream career by joining Police Scotland, and therefore am required to reach level 9.2. I won't lie, I'm not fit - I'm 6' 6" tall and weigh around 19 stone, which is the opposite of healthy. I've been making an effort to attempt to get into shape for joining when I meet the age requirement (9 Months) however it's not going to plan. I can just about hit level 4.5 on the bleep test which is quite frankly shocking. I'm struggling on my own, I've downloaded the C25K app on my phone and I am currently on Week 3, which is a drastic improvement considering my nose couldn't even run before I started. Basically, I'm looking for any advice anyone could give - At this point I'm questioning if I'm able to do it at all, nevermind in nine months. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ben
  9. GlesgaHaggis

    A'ight lads?

    Been kicking about here for a wee while now, looking to join Police Scotland at some point in the future and thought I should pro'lly sign up to see what's kicking here.