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  1. dags227

    Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    They'll expect your boots to be polished and trousers ironed whilst there everyday. Basically be presentable when walking around, clean shaven etc.
  2. dags227

    Positivity ?

    I can appreciate your entire point Sir and looking back we're most certainly arguing the same point from different directions. However, the phrase 'there are no bad dogs, only bad owners' does not sit well with me at all and is not true. We really do keep seeing this argument go round in circles and it's frustrating as it stops people from letting their attitudes towards the force change for the better. I apologise if I offended you but I was speaking in a general sense and not directing it at you personally. Looking back now, not that clear! I have no doubt that you act as such but unfortunately there are certain people who are not like you or I and don't act with any of those qualities. My apologises for lumping you in with that
  3. Appreciated Propidol! Good luck with everything you do and STAY SAFE!
  4. dags227

    Positivity ?

    That's an easy excuse for anyone. You know the expectations of your employment regardless of the supervision so give it a rest. You're an adult, not a sheep and are expected to act as such regardless of whether or not other people are doing the same. An entire ethos of 'but that's just how things are done' is a common theme throughout most walks of life but it doesn't mean it's right. If you can't act with the honesty, integrity and accountability that is expected of you as a police officer and take responsibility for your own actions then I certainly don't want to know that you're the one watching my back. I think blame culture has gone a little too far. I'm not saying that there aren't management failings. Of course there are, massive ones! But each officer who slept on duty or tried to cheat the system so they didn't have to do their job is just as responsible for their own actions as management is responsible for not identifying it earlier and all the other failings on their side. This is an old conversation that keeps going round and round in circles. The quicker people accept that it was the officer's own fault alongside management failings, the quicker we can get over it.
  5. dags227

    Living and Commute

    It's not frustrating mate! We're all here to ask questions and answer them if we can. Are you starting on the new recruits course next week? Enjoy it! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask on here or PM me... Propidol, I think it's time you stop responding on these threads. You're no longer in the force and quite clearly your experience is different from many others. None of us on here have lied about what the force is like but unfortunately your experiences have left you with a bitter taste and it shows when you talk about the job. All jobs unfortunately have stories like yours and not everyone can be satisfied but coming on here and attacking people for doing research on their potential role is not fair on them. The recruitment process and training has changed massively over the last two years and is a lot more upfront about what the job is. There are no false promises made to us. I'm sorry you left the force with such bitter memories but honestly wish you the best of luck in the home office.
  6. dags227

    Positivity ?

    Can't have one nice thread on here can we? God forbid we express our opinions about how we *gasp* enjoy our jobs... Cue our knight in shining armour throwing news articles (and capital letters) around to 'sum up the reality' just in case there aren't enough people moaning on here to really get their point across! One step forward, 200 steps back as usual.
  7. dags227

    Positivity ?

    I'll echo the above also. I'm at AWE Aldermaston and find myself quite happy too. Like Slade said there's definitely a level of boredom to deal with but unfortunately that's just part of the job. The people are who make the job worthwhile for me whilst I do my 'time' on the gates before opting to apply for different courses. I enjoy speaking to my fellow officers and have made many good friends. Unfortunately there is a visible low morale but this won't change unless people start coming onto site with a different attitude. If you want something just keep pushing for it, no matter how long it takes. Put yourself out to keep busy and network. At the end of the day, I get paid a lot to do what I do. I'm happier than I ever was in my previous job and there's a chance for progression whether that's in 6 months or 6 years. I'm better off than I have been in years. There's always two sides to every story. Unfortunately you just mostly hear about the bad stuff on here.
  8. dags227

    July 2016 Intake

    Got my contract through! Also going to AWE...
  9. dags227


    Brilliant thanks guys!
  10. dags227


    Can anyone who has been through DV tell me what happened with the referees? Were they contacted at all or brought in for an interview? I'd like to know what to tell mine to expect...
  11. dags227

    Start dates

    Congrats! Did you get your contract through already?
  12. Does anyone know what the actual requirements are for the specialist units? Like fitness and medical etc? I've not been offered my contract yet but definitely interested for later down the line and would be interested to know!
  13. dags227

    Application timescale

    Do we know how many intake courses they're running this year? And when?
  14. dags227

    Assessment centre 4th -5th April

    Best advice I could give is to just relax. Obviously that's easier said than done but the staff at the AC are absolutely amazing and will prompt you all they can to help you through it. No one's looking for you to fail! With the role plays don't be afraid to say what you think is right. You know what's right and you'll have all the information you need in front of you so relax and use it! The competencies I struggled with a little but just make sure you fully understand each one before you go so that you're able to understand what they're asking when you're in the interview and can apply it accordingly! Good luck!