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  1. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has the dates of the 25th and 26th of this month for the assessment centre who are heading down from Scotland? Cheers Rugbylad
  2. Rugbylad

    Assessment centre - February 2017

    Nobody else have there assessment day on the 14th & 15th of February looking to fly from Edinburgh in the 13th?
  3. Rugbylad

    Assessment centre - February 2017

    I take it the maths and English scores are totalled up to give you an overall score? Would you be able to give any indication on what scenarios the role plays would be? Much appreciated
  4. Rugbylad

    Assessment centre - February 2017

    I have been studying the competencies of a police officer/ maintaining the fitness and studying sample maths and English questions. Does anyone know how the written exams are marked and what the pass marks are?
  5. Rugbylad

    Assessment centre - February 2017

    My assessment date is in the 14th and 15th so I'm trying to get an early morning flight for the 13th so I have a full day to settle the nerves.
  6. Rugbylad

    Assessment centre - February 2017

    I have the dates for mid February as well. Hoping to get flights from edinburgh
  7. Rugbylad

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi people Iv got my SET re sit next week and was wondering if anyone had any advice to calm the nerves or advice for the papers? Only failed my papers last time by 4-5 marks due to the nerves. Cheers Rugbylad
  8. Rugbylad

    Advice on SET papers.

    Thanks for the reply and info ??
  9. Rugbylad

    Advice on SET papers.

    Hi guys just a quick question that has been probably asked loads but I cant seem to find any answers on here but could anybody tell me what the pass rates are for the SET papers as got the SET exam and fitness on the 19th in Aberdeen. Cheers
  10. Rugbylad

    New member

    Hi guys new member looking for help and advice as I'm currently going through the police selection process. Cheers Rugbylad