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  1. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Same here. Also would be interested in the group
  2. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I passed, wasn’t a great pass but I was expecting it. My fitness is my priority for now. I have my fitting on Thursday. Are they gearing you up for Dec intake?
  3. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Perhaps ask them to clarify what references? I just had my FF last Friday and they advised that current employer references were going out that afternoon/Monday for me. I think they may mean your other references but if you are in any doubt just email them to put your mind at ease. When is your date for?
  4. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    When you say 205 on the intake do you mean that’s what they have already or what they are taking? I have my FF tomorrow so hoping for Dec.
  5. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Nah I’m totally the same. Until I’m there I won’t believe it completely. I’m just gearing everything like I will be there. I have my updated medical on Tuesday and even though I’m healed part of me is like what if. But I forced myself out of bed at 5am this morning to get to the gym. Worth it. If you can get in practice beep tests I’d recommend it. Not only does it help you mentally but it also gives you practice with timing, pacing and turning.
  6. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’m aiming for the same intake as yourself and I’m 37 later in this year. I’ve been wanting to join since I was a kid but a health condition stopped me for many years so now I can’t believe it’s going to happen. I’m back on my training after a shoulder injury and just a bit worried about FF. I know I can do it, the mental game is all part of it as well! I have a practice beep with my PT next week and I’ll feel much better when I have that out the way. Good luck in the rest of the process and hopefully see you up there!
  7. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I had my original medical in Dec 2017 and as the intake was full for then I was being put for the March intake. They then cut the intake numbers for that one drastically and most were pushed to June, then my injury happened. I get what you mean about notice periods and booking things as I had the same. For the Sept intake id be looking to hear end of July or start of August for a fitness date. The intake is likely to be middle to end of September. You could always call them and ask for an indication as you are looking to book a holiday? Im a tad worried if my medical isn’t until 24th July they start sending out invites and then get al their numbers. Trying not to worry too much as it’s outwith my control.
  8. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I wouldn’t expect to hear this month. I was in the delayed March intake then here was a saga in June when I didn’t hear (typo in address) and back then the notice period for the fitness was a matter of weeks. I may be wrong but I’d imagine that any finally fitness for the Sept intake will take place towards the end of August. So you would be looking at hearing at the end of this month at the earliest. I have to do an updated medical for my shoulder on 24th and all going well I’ll be calling to advise them I’ve passed and ask when I’m likely to hear.
  9. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It looks like you may have. I hope you are able to take it!
  10. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was offered 10th May yesterday but due to an injury I’m having to pass and wait for Sept.
  11. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have a PS Google Alert from when I was doing my interviews and stuff, saw it through that. I did think based on the 2026 thing that this would be on the cards and raised it with them during my interview and asked if it would impact recruiting I was advised no, they would continue to actively recruit.
  12. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    March 2019? I think the issue is the large cut in numbers for the March intake even those of us where issues FF and SMT invites had them cancelled. So I wonder if that led to a slight backlog of people in June intake and it’s rolling. Im purely speculating!
  13. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks for the update. By that reasoning then I “should” get taken in Sept. Fills you with confidence when you see the reports in the press today about officer numbers.
  14. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    They didn't as i've not had my FF/SMT invite yet. I was expecting it but it didn't come. I just did that as a precaution. From what I know they just ask you if you have taken any medication. Remember, they are not trying to trick you. If you have taken any sort of medication just tell them. They understand that people have to take certain things for the right reasons.
  15. BlackWidow

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    As long as you tell them I think you will be fine. I was worried as I have an injury and been on strong prescription meds (opiate based)so I took a picture of the prescription so I didn’t stress. I don’t think paracetamol will flag up but just be honest and you will be fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk