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  1. Danny2016

    New Probationer Concerns

    thanks for the help people. just disappointed in the sense that the police is something I've always wanted to do and now I no longer care. just seems to be if your face fits your fine and if not you better look elsewhere. I will stick it out for now and try and get an attachment following passing probation.
  2. Danny2016

    New Probationer Concerns

    We had zero radio input whatsoever. we were given a page handout and that was about it. in terms of statement taking we had about an hour's input. the trainer very briefly went through the five parts, we were given an example, told to write one ourselves and that was it.
  3. Danny2016

    New Probationer Concerns

    Evening All Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I am currently a probationer on a response team (I will not say where as I believe this is unprofessional). I have honestly had enough and am looking for other jobs. Since I have been here it has been a disaster. Training was very inadequate, we turned up to street duties having never been shown how to use a radio or even do a statement properly. Within less than four months of joining I was posted to an NPT/LPT attachement where it was fully of 95% probationers and very rarely saw a sergeant, hardly any working computers, always getting threatening emails from managers criticising us over every little thing. Despite the LPT being so poorly managed and very rarely seeing a superivosr, I recieved a very good PDR report from my supervisor aswell. Following this I was shipped off to a reponse team where things have been going even more downhill. Despite putting myself up for everything, getting my basic drivers done and always being off late due to wanting to get a good a work return as possible, I have been put on an action plan for not achieving arrest targets. This is despite the fact I have been put on so many constant watched, hospital guards and booking in the skippers prisoners that they arrest. I am constantly getting moaned at over things despite never being trained on them. To top it off several of the other officers on my team have been getting action plans over various matters. I have been told if my arrest figures dont improve then I wont pass my probation. Supervisors and the inspector are rude and bullies. If you ask for help they have a go at you and say you should know what you are doing, they leave you on crime scenes for up to 12 hours at a time without a toilet break or water break. They stick people on for things which seem so minor. I was so motivated when I started, however I just feel I can never win and no matter how hard I try it is never good enough. The other probationers on my team have also had enough, with two of the 8 people I began training with have already left. If this the general consensus amoungst probationers that you are treated like crap? or does it not improve when you are made substantive? There are even experienced officers that have told me "get out why you can". I understand I have to pay my dues but I honestly dont feel I care anymore. I also have lost confidence in the criminal justice system, where as what I deal with seems to be the same old crap everyday, with people seemingly use the police as leverage to get what they want. Sorry for the rant. Danny.
  4. Danny2016


    Hi im danny. New to the site. Currently serving with the police and in my probation period.