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  1. OldFella1836

    Tips For Assessment Day

    Well. After walking out of my recent assessment thinking there was absolutely no way, and even laughing at myself for the way I answered some of the questions...I passed!! My main weakness is my handwriting (that's how I perceive it anyway). The initial exercise was handwritten...And I fluffed it! (or so I thought, but actually my scores were quite good! (Considering they must have employed a translator of hieroglyphs to mark my work)). So, after getting off to a bad start (or so I thought). I literally said to myself, let's get the rest of this done, as best as I can, and go home. I seem to remember feeling minimal stress, and actually smiling quite a lot. I enjoyed the day, and I can't say that I was honestly too worried at all!! I'm very happy with the result...roll on final interview! Anyone going to AC soon...Try and stay relaxed, speak to people, make new friends and enjoy it. You might feel like a part of the day didn't go so well, but you have plenty of opportunities to shine through and make up for it.
  2. OldFella1836


    Greetings! Former Blue, who left for the green...Left the green for Coyote Tan in a 'country in Asia' and now contemplating a return to the Blue! Making sense? :wink: