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  1. I just want my start date!

  2. Hey Ian, Congrats on getting this far. Isn't day 1 daunting! Well I did my day 2 7 weeks ago and I still have not heard anything. However my current specials force have mentioned that the MET have contacted them so I hope I am going through vetting. I was told in day 2 'no news is good news' so... I'm happy! Any news on your day 2? Ceri
  3. Amazing, exactly what I wanted to hear! And any email addresses for HR? Thank you
  4. Hi Guys, Okay, so I passed my day 1 with another force but decided to move to the MET. Recruitment (penna) said they have handed my feedback and application over to the met to carry on with my application (day 2). Does anyone know what number or email address I could use to contact the met (day2) to see when my assessment is or to get a rough estimate of when I should be expecting this assessment day. Another question, I have been told on my day 2, you get forms etc to apply for the interest free loan for the CKP. Does anyone think I should start my CKP sooner so I get a quicker start date or doesn't that matter? Sorry for all the questions I don't know who else to ask! Thank you
  5. cezzap

    Awaiting Kent Search Assessment Results

    Hey, I got 53% lol, but I'm transferring it to the met! I am disappointed but at least I still passed!
  6. cezzap

    Awaiting Kent Search Assessment Results

    Hey George, Yes! Its my first go, however now I have time to reflect I think I did pretty well! Its not been a week yet and when I see a letter in my post box I walk really slowly to it! I hit all the core competencies for sure so.. Congrats for passing, when is your senior interview and are you prepared? Hi LeSquirrel! Yes, It was last week. How is your training going? January suits me for sure! A great start to a great year! I think there was about 6 assessment days last week 8-1/ 1-5. Fingers crossed I do well, all just a waiting game now. I have feeling its the senior interview most people fail on?! Thank you Ceri
  7. Not going to lie, but I don't think you can fully prepare for the assessment day! However, I did give it my best on the day, but now looking back I know I could of done better. Now I have to wait a grueling 2 weeks to be told my result! However I am 100% sure I failed.
  8. Hi Guys, So today I had my briefing and I was given my date for my assessment. Its a month away! I am reading up as much as I can over the next 4 weeks. I have various books etc but can anyone give me any hint or tips so `I am successful? What is the role play like? did you use 'the westshire centre?' Whats the maths test like? what areas does it cover most? and the written tests, what does that entail? Thank you for any help in advance
  9. Oh wow! Did they do the recruitment drive for the night tube? That is meant to start in April this year so hopefully they will recruit again! I can imagine, however it must be nice knowing you are ready to start and you are just waiting to go in. 21 weeks will feel like forever when you are training too, but it will be fun! well, if you hear anything, please let me know! thank you!
  10. Hey misslondon, Thank you so much for your info. I know one course are 16 weeks through their 21 weeks and another start this Tuesday at Spring house. You applied last year then? And how long have you been in the talent pool for if you don't mind me asking? Thank you
  11. Hi Guys, I am a serving special in London and I've exhausted all angles to find out when they are recruting for PC's next in London this year / next year, and still no one seems to know! Any ideas?
  12. Hey guys, Is anyone else going to be at the assessment centre for PCSO on the 12th March?
  13. cezzap


    Hi everybody, I have just completed my specials training in London and I am attending the assessment centre on the 12/13th March.