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  1. DnknDonuts

    Recruitment 2018

    Good evening, I'm currently in the process of applying for Cheshire Police again and was just fishing to find out if anyone else on here is currently in the process? I had my final interview 10 days ago and just awaiting my result (fingers crossed for a pass) As always the suspense is horrible 😬 I'm also wondering if any of the guys from the 2016 recruitment drive were still around and how things are going for them? I realise that they'll be coming up to the end of their 2 year probation!! (How time flies!)
  2. DnknDonuts

    CKP Exam Only

    Hey, I don't know the answer but just wanted to say, the course I did through enlighten training had several assessments and then a two final exams that had to be done in person and under exam conditions. The final exam could cover anything mentioned in any of the previous units and you were required to pass all the assessments as well as the final two exams.
  3. DnknDonuts

    Cheshire Current Intake

    Hey. Everythings still on hold from when I transferred so my assessment centre score has since expired. Looks like I may be reapplying and going through Cheshire again at this rate although I am questioning to bother after what happened in March but I'll wait and see how I feel. I'm really keen to get into the police and I'm almost willing to do whatever I can.
  4. DnknDonuts

    Cheshire Current Intake

    hmmm.... March they dropped everyone's applications due to operational requirements not requiring.... then last night Cheshire Police post on Facebook saying they'll be opening PC recruitment shortly - less than 5 months later. Can't help but feel a bit annoyed by this situation.
  5. DnknDonuts

    2017 recruitment

    Congrats Ollz - I'm really glad it's worked out for you :)
  6. DnknDonuts

    Advice needed please

    Sorry to jump on the thread but the force that did this was Cheshire. I was also merely waiting for a start date but they dropped two intakes out of three at the beginning of March. Very disappointing when nothing in the notes when applying mentions you being dropped even if you pass EVERYTHING. I thought forces just kept basically a waiting list - for example looking at FOI requests to west Mercia, they've had a few hundred people waiting for start dates for months or even well over a year.
  7. DnknDonuts

    Staffs police applications 2017

    I've just seen this posted on the recruitment blog under the Staffordshire Police Recruitment Extranet on their website: ------------- Deadline Posted by: Staffordshire Police | 22 March 2017, 14:00PM Due to the volume of applications that have been received since recruitment opened in August, the decision has been made to close Police Constable Recruitment at this time. All applications that have already been received are on hold until further notice. ------------- I guess we could be waiting a while.
  8. DnknDonuts

    Staffs police applications 2017

    Seems as though applications have been closed today due to high volumes of applicants. Hopefully it won't take too long to hear anything :)
  9. DnknDonuts

    Advice/Info Required !!

    Just so you know, my information comes from my assessment centre results document. I'm pretty certain in England at least, that you need a overall SEARCH pass and failing written in the assessment centre means that you have failed it overall.
  10. DnknDonuts

    Cheshire Current Intake

    I've already been on to Staffordshire to transfer scores so going to get all their vetting forms filled in tonight and prepare for interview, medicals etc. In some ways it's a bit of relief to actually be told something but I do feel a bit strung along although I am obviously not going to be be the only one in this situation. I'm mainly gutted as to think at the end of last year, the impression was given with the "conditional offer" that there would at some point be a post available More shocked really that they're not willing to keep applications on hold.
  11. DnknDonuts

    Advice/Info Required !!

    Nothing to disappoint me - just letting you know the information I've been provided. I could well be wrong but from my notes that's the impression I've been given.
  12. DnknDonuts

    Staffs police applications 2017

    Hey - applied to have my score transferred from Cheshire so about to send off all the info they've requested. Cheshire have today withdrawn all candidates waiting for start dates so hence moving on to proceeding with joining Stafford as I reside in the neighbouring force area of West Mercia. Anyone know the kind of numbers they're looking to recruit? George
  13. DnknDonuts

    Cheshire Current Intake

    Well that's the end of the recruitment process. Cheshire currently don't have any vacancies and they're unable to keep any applications on hold so everyone that was waiting has had their application withdrawn.
  14. DnknDonuts

    Advice/Info Required !!

    Hey Im sorry to disappoint you but I'm pretty sure the pass mark for the written part of the assessment centre is 50% looking back through my report which is set by the college of policing - no force can overrule that requirement for the written part. You're overall score of 55% will not be taken into account if you have not passed the required parts of the assessment centre Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news George
  15. DnknDonuts

    Cheshire Current Intake

    Nothing as of yet. They can't confirm that the intake is cancelled or going ahead. Really quite frustrating - more so than if they just cancelled it really. It makes it difficult to plan ahead both in personal life and work life.