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Father Jack

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  1. Father Jack

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Sadly it's not unheard of for the conservatives to renege on manifesto promises, even widely publicised ones. Hope this one does come to fruition in a meaningful way. Also at the risk of going slightly off topic, the merging of the NCA and the Serious Fraud Office would also seem to be prudent. There must be areas where the two agencies currently overlap.
  2. Father Jack

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Even when I see it, I'll probably still check and double check to be sure. Other than that I couldn't have put it much better myself.
  3. Father Jack

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    So it would seem. Curious as to how it suddenly becomes workable, after being ruled out earlier in the year?
  4. Father Jack

    Application timescale

    I did say "shouldn't be an an issue" rather than"won't be an issue". I'm guessing bdsheff was referring to security vetting. I would have thought attending an assessment centre would be conditional on having already passed police vetting, as I did myself. Apologies if I was unclear.
  5. Father Jack

    Application timescale

    Great news. If you've got this far already, vetting shouldn't be an issue.
  6. Father Jack

    Application timescale

    Thanks. I had my final interview just before last Christmas and got my results in early January. With luck you may not have too much longer to wait for yours. Best of luck when they do arrive.
  7. Father Jack

    Application timescale

    Accepted a verbal offer to start on the June training course yesterday, having made my initial application in late January 2016. Approximately 15 months from start to receiving an offer, in my case.
  8. Father Jack

    SC and DV

    I couldn't say, but it would seem the individual was mistaken. It's not an issue. In fact, it's one less thing to worry about, should I be offered a vacancy at the site.
  9. Father Jack

    SC and DV

    Whilst at Wetherfield for interview and medical, I was told that Porton Down also requires DV clearance. That would seem to make sense, although happy to be corrected if that's not the case.
  10. Father Jack

    DV query.

    Also curious about this one. Wouldn't you be allocated to a particular station (including those that require DV clearance) before beginning training?
  11. Father Jack

    Positivity ?

    The article is over a year old and not exactly hot off the press. Its contents are hardly a revelation. If the allegations made are truthful, then it's clearly not the force's finest hour. However, would I judge the force as a whole by the alleged conduct at two stations, absolutely not. I would also question the author's understanding of the situation, or the source of his information. He states that "the force will lose 50% of it's stations by 2016". We are now in 2017 and this hasn't happened. This incorrect prediction would also make me wonder what else the author has got wrong. Surely one of the skills of being a police officer, is to be objective and not necessarily take information at face value. Even if a source appears to corroborate your own beliefs or opinions?
  12. Father Jack

    Positivity ?

    Good to hear something positive about AWE, for a change!
  13. Yes, I believe it is possible to transfer security clearance. I was able to transfer a CTC clearance myself some years ago. Although HR will still need carry out the usual Police vetting checks, as they would on any applicant. Already having SC should speed up the process. Best to email MDP's Recruitment, they will be able to advise you on the finer points.
  14. Sounds like a very pro active approach, can't see how this would be a bad idea?
  15. Father Jack

    Positivity ?

    Good to hear your experience of the force has been positive, so far. My own impressions of the force have also been very positive so far. I'm nearing the end of the recruitment process and looking forward to (hopefully) starting training in the not too distant future. I'm genuinely looking forward to a new career with the force.