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  1. I am sorry to hear that mate. Have you appealed it? I know they will not tell you the reason if it likely to impact the individual concerned.
  2. Joey_shabadoo

    Assessment centre preparation courses

    I would take bluelight over talking blues all day of the week. Yeah its a trek to Manchester from North East but worth it if you pass
  3. Joey_shabadoo

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Chuffed for you mate. Lesson is to take HR guidance with a pinch of salt and always have a back up plan. As for notice, unless it's 3 months I wouldn't even considerate it at this point.
  4. Joey_shabadoo

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hi Sarah, I think everyone feels they have done badly when they leave the AC. The how to be books are awful and are not a good guide on what will happen in the actual AC. Probing questions are good as they just want to get more info out of you, its not a bad thing. You don't get marked for body language, people are nervous so they expect that. The maths only make up a small single figure % mark and it's not pass or fail. It just goes toward your overall mark. Best to wait for your score to come back and see how you did :)
  5. Joey_shabadoo

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hi Sarah, I probably started to prepare properly just after i applied and I have been stepping it up over the last few weeks. I've been through the process before so I know what to expect. You get the scenario and 5 mins to prepare before each role play. They are highest scoring element of the day at about 60%. For the written you will watch a DVD then have 20mins to prepare a written statement. The other written exercise is that your given lots of info and you have extract out the correct information to complete an incident report form in a 20min timeframe also. I think we will hear really quickly as fitness tests are taking place on 20th and 21st April
  6. Joey_shabadoo

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hi all, the January applicants are going through their AC's over the next few weeks and final interviews after that. It would be good if we could get the original thread back on track and people who have been through the process can post tips and hints to help them out (me included!) Cheers!
  7. Plenty if advice in the other thread mate for anybody who starting soon.
  8. Joey_shabadoo

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hi Sarah. The best advice i can give is to google blue light consultancy and go from there. Brendan is an ex GMP inspector and is fantastic at preparing you for the AC. You don't have long until your AC but 9 days is long enough to put in the hard work to get the pass you need. The AC is only as hard as you want to make it by not preparing for it. Hope this helps.
  9. Joey_shabadoo

    Are the books worth it?

    I personally found the book to be awful but I know people how have used to pass both AC and final interview. Blue light Consultancy is great and Brendan knows what he is talking about and a money back guarantee if don't get 50%. Whatever you do, do not go in and be yourself or you will fail miserably. Prep is key for the AC and you will pass with flying colours. Its just a game at the end of the day.
  10. Joey_shabadoo

    Appealing My Deferral

    any news on your appeal mate?
  11. Joey_shabadoo

    Appealing My Deferral

    Go for it mate, i had the same understanding that BMI didn't matter as long as you passed the bleep test and other parts if the medical. Good luck on the appeal and keep us posted
  12. Joey_shabadoo

    Appealing My Deferral

    Sorry to hear that mate. I thought WYP didn't take into account BMI so that has come as a surprise to me. I personally would appeal as you have nothing too lose.
  13. Joey_shabadoo

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Lots of other really good boots out there like lowa and 5.11. Altbergs are good for the personalised fitting side of things. I have under armour and they are comfy as heck and lightweight.
  14. Joey_shabadoo

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Yes mate but get married mid June and then honeymoon for 2 weeks so cant start Training until July at the earliest.
  15. Joey_shabadoo

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Did you apply during the September 2016 recruitment mate?